Friday, October 28, 2011

Obama Is A Traitor, Now Is Not the Time for Political Moderatism

After having a short political conversation with an uncle today, I noticed he revealed a few things about what is at stake in the run-up to the 2012 election.  I don't know if he classifies himself as Demoncrat or Repugnantcan, but he said he wouldn't vote for Ron Paul but the Repub candidates would probably force him to vote for Obama.  I replied that Obama should be impeached, which he patly disagreed with.  I followed with explaining that Obama's first National Economic Advisor was Larry Summers, an instrumental figure in deregulating the derivatives market.  He replied, "I was wondering how nobody had been prosecuted yet," while scratching his head and looking to the ceiling.  Um, because the government has been hijacked, Uncle Tom. 

If the yet-to-be-awakened moderate/liberal/softie Obama types still have trust in Obama, we are screwed.  My uncle said he would vot Obama (the traitor) back into office, based on a lack of another suitable candidate.  While my opinion is that Ron Paul is the only hope for the election, due to his understanding of the monetarist/militarist coup we have been subjected to, people like my uncle just dont't want to agree with some of his policies.  Ron Paul has suggested some radical ideas, deterring moderates all over, but the fact remains that he is the only possible candidate that will address the real problems we face.  There are times for restraint and moderation, but 2011 and 2012 are not them. 

In the same conversation, my uncle mentioned other things like NPR, Talk of the Nation, gay marriage, and a few others subjects, which tell me one thing - we need to establish a more persuasive and urgent discourse.  We need to offer Grade A meat in the face of MSM Grade D.  Would you like Grade D or Grade A?  The modern liberal, mediocre, projected guiltism, I'm so nice/equal/righteous/just/smart/liberal, how dare you attitude makes me sick (I'm not ascribing all these qualities to my uncle, but I see this sentiment all over the place), but it's the skid mark of the poop excreted from NPR, BBC, Politico, HuffPo, DailyKos, and other poop slingers of great esteem.  I'm not even worried about the traitorous major media outlets - they're up to their eyeballs in treasonous lies - how I would love to have one-on-one conversations with those crooks in charge.  Anyway, such a softie attitude to everything political yields nothing - it's part of why he's okay with voting for Obama again.  he isn't aware of Obama's campaign donors and Wall Street cabinet members.  I mean, Larry FuckOurFuture Summers?  We need to convince the moderates that their savior-in-grace Obama is a huge part of the problem and is not worth a vote, no matter who is on the other ticket.  Insert voting/non-voting debate here.  My uncle also mentioned that he thought Obama was just too politically afraid to do anything.  I don't necessarily think that is the main problem, even though it is a problem.  I think the main problem is that he's bought and paid for and he's being kept in line.  I don't know how he sleeps at night.  Whatever, the point is that without bringing the Obamanites into the anti-Obama fold, we will continue to suffer from the inertia that prevents our movement from gaining momentum.  By agreeing to the belief that Obama is not a huge part of the problem now, moderates fail to really see what's going on.  We need to destroy the Obama myth, and fast.  We need to destroy the internal tendency to relinquish our own political power to people like Obama, Romney, or any other shill.  They are not on our side, they are the enemy.

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