Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Walstreetpro Redux, Jon Huntsman on Job Creation, Felonious Monk Rants

After getting aquainted with Walstreetpro, aka Kevin Rowland, via Zerohedge on Friday, I'd like to share his "Greatest Fuckin' Hits" for some comedic relief and to vicariously live through breaking lots and lots of Chinese-made products.  Virtual products, I like to call them, the Chinese, WTO-sanctioned crap that ends up in a landfill immediately because it doesn't actually work, or breaks upon first use.

Then there's Jon Huntsman in the news still campaigning on creating jobs at home, even though he was a major force behind China's accession to the WTO.  That's some doublespeak if I've heard it:  make no mistake about it, Huntsman Corp. has huge operations in China as a direct result of the WTO accession.  Also, his mention of attacking Iran over nuclear aspirations raises some suspicions over its timing, coinciding with the Eric Holder's accusations against two individuals for an assassination plot.  There's the ol' turrurist rationale, blame the ragheads for some pre-crime - what a charade.  Either way, the fact that Huntsman campaigns on job creation at home is seriously ironic considering his business history. 

For your entertainment:

Along similar lines, Felonious Monk:

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