Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Two Unidentied Jets Leave Chemtrail Plumes

The following pictures depict an aerial campaign by two jets cruising at 43,000 feet leaving thick, resilient trails in their wake.  The photos were taken from the waterfront of Buffalo, New York on Friday, July 24, 2015.  Both jets appeared on radar near the same location southeast of Alfred, New York.  The sky was relatively blue this particular morning but by evening was a faded mass of jet exhaust byproducts, whatever that may consist of this week.  

July, 15, 2015 13:40 EST.  Looking west at Lake Erie near Lasalle Park.  

14:21 EST.  Two jets flying northwest laying visible, persistent trails.

14:23 EST.  Jets appear on radar southeast of Alfred, NY.

14:34 EST.  Trail persist and expand.

15:00 EST.  Overlooking Canalside, in the sky immediately above the grain silos are the trails laid by unidentified jets.

These jets followed this same flight track until descending to under 30,000 feet at the cusp of Lake Superior.  I didn't track them past there, but their landing zone should be available through the playback feature on

Friday, July 24, 2015

These Are Your Skies. And These Are Your Skies on Chemtrails.

These are your skies:

These are your skies on chemtrails:

Chemtrails were absent between Tuesday and Thursday in Buffalo.  Clear blue skies and what normal clouds.  No trails.

No chemtrail pictures from July 21-23, 2015, Buffalo, NY and Lewiston, NY.  Larkinville, My Morning Jacket plays Artpark, downtown Buffalo.

Chemtrail pictures from July 20, 2015, Buffalo, NY.  Heavy spray campaign resulting in heavy aerosol cover, trails casting shadows, and refraction.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

FBI Secret Surveillance Plane Operations Over Buffalo Update

We live in a panopticon society, one where all our actions are continuously recorded, logged, and analyzed.  I wonder, though, how these flights augment the FBI's investigations or operations.  Why are they secret?  Why are the planes registered under the name of front companies?  Doesn't the FBI have all the information they need from the NSA or whoever else?  I guess not.  These flights clearly violate the fourth amendment, but whatever technology they are employing must be especially sensitive to justify the secretiveness of the program.

My best guess is they are creating a data set that includes complex imagery, perhaps using infrared or some similarly intrusive technology, and bulk collection of telecommunications signals.  The end result might be a matrix-like understanding of the subject people, their movements, their communication patterns, and ultimately, how to manipulate scenarios for desired outcomes.  

Plane registration N510KS, from July 21, 2015:

From July 22, 2015:

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Geoengineering in Buffalo, NY July 15, 2015

 11:44 EST. Green and pink clouds.

11:54 EST.

12:32 EST.  Plane registration N510KS, owner National Aircraft Leasing Corporation, Cessna 182T.

12:42 EST.

13:08 EST.

13:41 EST.

13:52 EST.

14:00 EST.

14:09 EST.

14:28 EST.

17:03 EST.  Mysterious line forms in sky.  Not a jet trail.

17:19 EST.

18:03 EST.

18:17 EST.

18:33 EST.

18:48 EST.  A couple trainer fighters flying in and out of Fort Erie private airstrip.