Sunday, December 16, 2012

Biosphere - Sendai-1

Interesting note about this album, according to the Pitchfork review, "In early February, Biosphere's Geir Jenssen made an album inspired by the architecture and potential instability of Japan's nuclear power plants."  The Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred only one month later in March of 2011.  

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yann Tiersen @ Irving Plaza April 27, 2012

Saw Yann Tiersen last night at Irving Plaza in New York.  Based on my limited familiarity with his Goodbye Lenin soundtrack, I saw that he would be in the city for a show last night, so I made a point of going.  Being a musician and student of many different musical styles, it was great to see the synergy and brilliance of his full band compositions.  I didn't know whether it was going to be a solo act or a full show, so Wednesday night I Youtubed his live footage from 2012 and found the following video.  Needless to say, the music is deep, visceral and cerebral, and moving.  Excellent to see talent and creativity like this, versatile and expressive of the breadth of experience and emotion.  Great show, happy that I found his music and didn't miss seeing it live.  Check out the video below, and delve in his catalogue further.  New ablum Skyline released on ANTI- records this month (released last year in Europe).

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Round of Applause for the Globalizers, Iran and Syria Sabre-Rattling, Dr. Graeme MacQueen's "The Fictional Basis for the War on Terror"

(note:  reading and watching the following should involve using one's prefrontal cortex)

Just wanted to take a moment to put my hands together and give the globalizers of the world a round of applause.  They have succeeded in their purpose to initiate unending repression and misery.  Let's give these fucks a round of applause.  And then, now, let's work to dismantle the repression, the misery  This is a process which involves acquainting yourself with difficult and complex ideas that will challenge preconceived notions.  I hope we are suited to deal with it.

Let's reflect on little reported facts, thought.  There's no telling how deep the rabbit hole goes, but the Pentagon has been planning to initiate regime change throughout Middle East since at least 9/11.  For the uninitiated, Iran and Syria have always been part of this plan.  Here's General Wesley Clark making it clear this has been the plan since day one, whenever that might have (truly) been:


It's troubling, right?  Hopefully this information isn't new.  But, you also could just be shutting out this information and rationalizing it somehow.  This will not work, in the end.

9/11 is the coup.  This fact cannot be dealt with any other way.  The stench permeates throughout several governments (U.S., Saudi Arabia, Israel, Pakistan) and government agencies, the mainstream media, and among many investors (record United Airlines put options pre-9/11).  Please watch below Dr. Graeme MacQueen's presentation at Harvard on "The Fictional Basis for the War on Terror":

I write about these things because they are of grave importance.  I hope people will wake up to these facts and also that the information culture will improve soon, because the alternative has dire implications. 

Deepak Chopra on Leading @Google, Observations

I have noted the failure of leadership in this country.  I have pointed to propagandized institutions and culture.  I have indicated that we live in a post-modern dystopia.  The question has been, what do we do about this?  Deepak Chopra offers his perspective on how power resides in individuals to "be the change they want to see in the world," and he touches on many other subjects like biological evolution, leadership qualities, consciousness, and universal characteristics of life in this field of existence.  Good questions asked by Google employees, too.  It's a given that Google employees are smart, but it's reassuring to see that first question relates to the failure of leadership in this country.

Let's take stock of 2012.  Over 7 billion people on the planet, and growing.  This has dramatically changed the dynamics of both society and ecology and will continue to do so.  The challenge we are experiencing is reconciling the polluting, repressive, failed neoliberal model with a more inclusive and sustainable system.  This begins with individuals, but we can't do it alone, first of all, and we also need to learn, listen, and talk with one another about how we have to go about this.  If it seems like we are living in a post-modern dystopia, let's do something about it, yes?  Divisions are one thing, but it's the acceptance of these divisions to prevent unity that is a personal choice.  In 2012, we are realizing that the assumptions we have made about the world are only that, assumptions, and there is absolutely no guarantee they are true.  Like Dr. Chopra says in his presentation, the human body is based on processes rather than functions.  So it is with life, that process trumps function, which is why we are collectively confirming the fact that meaningful work takes priority over neoserfdom, why organic is better than conventional, and why we need to go out and "play", like Deepak suggests is fundamental to human development.  Watch the video below for the entire presentation.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Andrew Breitbart Dies: Natural or Unnatural Causes?

The question of whether Andrew Breitbart has died of natural or unnatural causes gets to the heart of the current media climate.  Many people scoff at the mere idea that he might have been killed, but this mentality just comes across as being close-minded and willfully ignorant.  Politically motivated assassinations are a fact of history, yet it seems we suffer from a historical amnesia today, choosing to believe that things are different now, there are no secrets, everyone is always trying to tell the truth.  Things are not different, though.  Breitbart may well have been murdered, even though I cannot say and am not taking a judgment.  However, I am open to the fact that this may be the case.  Immediately, however, I become a conspiracy theorist in today's climate of hyper-sensitized, uber-PCness.  In any death like this, autopsies, medical examinations, and, perhaps, investigations yield the results, not immediate press releases or media corporations.  It is a forfeiture of one's intellect and reason to dismiss the distasteful notion of suspicious activity.  But, this is the environment we operate in today.  Maybe it's because such views threaten one's ability to continue operating in whatever work environment they find themselves in.  Maybe people avoid discussing and exploring unpleasant truths because the personal troubles it causes.  Obviously, there are psychological walls being constructed.  Let's take those walls down.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MSM Blackout of Ron Paul Continues

It's amazing, watching the events unfold in this country.  After all the subjection to the nastiness of nascent fascism in the United States, the mainstream media blackout of Ron Paul is all the more disheartening.  I suppose it isn't much of a surprise that the MSM has chosen to blackout coverage of Ron Paul, given their allegiance to the stewards of fascism and empire, but allowing the implications of this blackout to sink in is akin to hearing the death knell of the country (if it hasn't already been rung tenfold times).  What ever happened to integrity?  How have so many people forfeited themselves over to an authoritarian mindset?  It's really disheartening, but maybe I shouldn't let shattered illusions be an impediment to dealing with the fact that fighting against what's happening in this country is not easy, free, or short-term. 

Obama Proposes to Lower Corporate Tax Rate to 28%, Forgets His China Policy

Obama has proposed lowering the corporate tax rate from 35% to 28%.  I admire the notion that lowering the tax rate will draw more businesses to conduct their operations in the United States, but again I have to point to the "China price" trumping his proposal.  The major corporations prefer low-tax, low-regulation, low-wage countries, such as China, for conducting their operations.  These types of countries offer the easiest, and most ethically questionable, way to generate higher profits.  Leave the pollution there, don't care for the community's health and wellness, and outsource responsibility.  This is the typical business model of major corporations.

How is this relevant to Obama's proposal?  The real problem lies in the institutionalization of poor ethics, which has driven investment into the countries where the rules can be broken for a relatively cheap price or where there are few rules at all.  It's simple - the major corporations based in the United States and Europe have chosen to operate in and exploit other countries because everything is cheaper.  Therefore, Obama wants to kick down the high corporate tax a few notches, but all the policies that drive corporations to other countries in the first place remain.  Forget the loopholes that allow the major corporations to skirt that 35% tax rate in the first place.

China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001.  Just look at the trade statistics since the accession:


The numbers are pretty clear.  Exponential growth.  China's production has literally exploded since the WTO accession in 2001.  I should probably find the direct policies affecting the trade, with quotas and eliminations of foreign investment laws, but anyway we look at it, the United States is the big player in the Chinese trade relationship.  The U.S. is also the home of the major proponents of getting China into the WTO.  The saying goes, a tiger can't change it's stripes.  If Obama really wants businesses to return production and manufacturing to the U.S., he's going to have to address his China policy, which doesn't stray in the least from his predecessors.  Also, the tax rate for American imports in China is 25%, and the tax rate for Chinese imports in the U.S. is 2.5%.  Explain that little fact away with the coming tax debate, Obama.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Little About Me

I have used this blog as a relatively anonymous outlet for my writing and views.  I haven't provided nearly any perspective on who I am, so I thought, why not provide some info about me.

I am a bit of a rambling 25-year old, with a degree in International Affairs and Chinese.  I lived in Boulder and went to school there for about 5 years, during which time I lived on and off in Buffalo, NY for summers, where I am from, and spent about 5 months in Shanghai, China studying abroad.  After gaining a serious distaste for the pollution and big business abuses there, I came home with a desire to shed the layers of hype and propaganda which brought me to China in the first place.  I bought into the "Chinese economic miracle" talk that we hear all the time in the states.  It's a facade and a degraded linguistic term to describe a seriously complex and troubling reality.  And it's not true.

I spent the fall of 2009 through the fall of 2011 living in Jackson Hole, pursuing a dream I had to live there since I was a young teen.  I worked a number of different customer service positions, a biodiesl shop, skied a lot, played music with a number of people, and ultimately spent quite a bit of time growing into my own person.  There was of course time wasted to the excesses of personal exploration (or destruction?), which I now have the chance to frequently reflect upon while I go through the application process for jobs in New York City.

I was a strict vegetarian, or pescetarian for the hair-splitters, for about two years starting in 2009.  In the past year I have become more of a flexitarian, allowing wild game and "good" meat into my diet on a very limited basis.  The meat industry has improved significantly in recent years, but the terrors of GMO's continue to threaten non-meat products.  I avoid GMOs like the plague and treat HFCS like a poison.  Anyway we look at the food industry, though, the supply chain is highly complex, inherently instable, and faces mounting problems of pollution, soil depletion, and Monsanto's demonic attempt to own and alter nature. 

I relocated to New York City just under a month ago, as a result of, say, falling in love and tiring of limited opportunities for x,y, and z in Jackson.  As things stand today, I am beginning to do work with a well-known media outlet and a small but reputable think tank.  I have high hopes for what these projects might lead me to and it feels like a natural progression for me to fall into these types of organizations, but the standard job search process only reinforces my antipathy for the apologists of globalization.  Youth unemployment is a serious challenge and I can't help but look at dichotomy between the entrenched, older establishment and the youth with an incredulous and growing impatience.  Some might respond with rebuttals about personal choice creating one's circumstances, but the structural unemployment problem is no isolated choice.  If the people in positions of power could only open their ears to people without Super PAC checkbooks, we might be in a different position.  But, so it goes.  The sirens lull the captains to shipwreck.

So, it is no surprise that real world issues concern me.  I would like to become involved in the resistance against this tide of disintegration and authoritarianism we are witnessing.  I guess watch for the NDAA to be invoked on American, watch for false flags to be blamed on Iran, and watch for the circling black swans to emerge before the 2012 sham-lection.

In the process of awakening to my habits and history, I have eradicated smoking weed, clamped down on drinking to keep it in moderation, and have been relying more on coffee, unfortunately.  I am trying to move in a more centered direction, one which does not rely on drugs for desired circumstances.  They are no way to achieve a solution to anything.

I have a small family who I love and am grateful for.  Without them, I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today.  They have been supportive of me, even despite my youthful rebelliousness.  I have to thank them for the patience, and with that need to learn to be more patient with them in this path toward greater understanding and 'betterness', which is full of ups and downs and regressions.  Like the peeling of an onion, there are many layers to the process I am undergoing and family is essential to the destination.  The pursuits of States will always be a threat to families, so we need to be thankful for the peace we have always.

Life is a matrix, an infinite amount of forms in the formlessness.  I don't know the answer to whether or not we have 'free will', or if we have 'chosen' to be in this life.  Either way, we are here, so let's try to enjoy it.  Peace and love, see you around.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Ire of "Obamanots in Denial"

Whatever you do when talking politics with Obamanots in denial, beware that you will be subjected to hormonal and emotional attacks on your integrity that require excessive amounts of patience and salt to counter.  You will be lambasted with litmus tests on your support for LGBT rights, taxing the rich, being a racist, being a white male power-man, or abortion, all the while any discussion of pertinent issues of say, imperial overstretch, corporate malfeasance, or extreme hypocrisy (a la Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, or Michael Taylor...i.e. corporate revolving door).  One thing that's striking about Obamanots in denial is how narrowly focused on social issues they are.  It's like they were living under a rock for the past three years.  They're just incredibly happy to have campaign oriented conversations about nothing that relates to the dismal state of the country's trade deficit, the foreclosure scandal, or any other realpolitik issue.  Obamanots in denial, if there is one thing you're good at, it's cheerleading.  Maybe you should channel that energy into Billy or Sue's little league game where the losers are winners, too. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cowed, Dogged, and Penned

Do you hear that, that deafening silence?  The quiet and unrecognized passing of honor, of dignity, of principles long ago replaced.  Principles of liberty and universal rights, replaced by authoritarianism and corporate personhood.  How is it that justice is served so unequally, lies told so brazenly, and rights trammeled so wantonly?  In the process of awakening to the omnipresent grief and sorrow we now find ourselves submerged in, appeals to the great and the good have taken primary residence in the face of interminable uncertainty.  Show me the man who knows how to navigate this world, with answers to the eternal mysteries.  Where is the righteous indignation at the usurpation of freedom?  No, for, all that remains, is silence.  We have been cowed, dogged, penned - like industrially farmed animals commodified and proffered by an iron fist.

The passage of days in the United States, expending and compromising the true self, for external necessities of consumerism, subjugation to the corporation, and the ever quaint niceties of jockeying with wannabe aristocrats.  Problem is, "Crtl+P" Bernank is printing most people's wealth into oblivion.  It's like Mao is about to come and take all our silverware and pots and pans, the little that we have, and smelt it into worthless steal.  The sociopathic, demonic men laying claim to our humanity, our earth, and our future profit from the activities of destruction, but we have reached a fulcrum point.  It is obvious the system is crumbling, yet we are fighting against the emergence of a worse reality.  I don't know the answers.  All I know is that controlled perceptions mask the activities of conspiratorial power mongers, and it's a late stage in the game to be so acquiescent to their multitudinous, suppressive dictates.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

On Deluded Democrats, Repugnant Republicans, Chimeras, Ron Paul

I classify myself as neither Democrat or Republican.  It would be impossible for me to subject all the complexities of life, polity, and the economy to a litmus test of party platforms.  With this said, it irks me to see the presidential dog races that fail to address real issues, and the delusion and repugnancy which such a level of discourse seems to engender in the public. 

Democrats are cheering as hard as ever for Obummer, while the Republicans somehow think Ron Paul is invisible, instead disgracefully batting around "military brat" Snoot Newt or 15% Mitt.  If the mainstream media's diet didn't consist of its viewers frontal lobes, perhaps we would be consumed by more rational conversations, but, alas, I jest.  We all know the Republicans feign small government principles while cloaking their big business, fascist leanings in allusions to national security.  Then there is Obummer's commission of a 'too little, too late' Financial Crimes Unit to deal with mortgage fraud, when the Justice Department is perfectly capable of dealing with this fraud, but is, rather, too busy indicting C.I.A. officers or selling guns to Mexican drug cartels.  There is only so much time in the day, I guess...

What else...Obummer got us out Iraq and killed Osummer.  Cite this, O deluded ones, but please, never, ever question the rationale for being in Iraq, and please never ask to see the body of a bogeyman.  You are a conspiracy nut and crazy if you entertain any implications of government lies and opacity.  Please, go back to watching TV, and stop asking questions.

But Iran is building nuclear weapons, the Repugnantcan line goes.  Just like Iraq had mobile nuclear weapons labs, yellowcake uranium, and intentions to destory Amurica?  Those GD turrurists are still hating our freedoms, let's destroy another nation and consume all their oil to go to Wal-Mart and consume some Chinese WTO-institutionalized virtual products.  I still love how Jon Huntsman promoted job creation in the U.S.  What a farce.  He was the ambassador to China and was a major intermediary in the process of their accession to the WTO.  Let me tell you, the trade balance since this accession in the week of September 17, 2001 have, with no shadow of a doubt, transformed the U.S. into a debt-financed, imperial warring state that no longer manufactures its own screws.  Chimerical. That's what this system is.  Go to war to secure oil, or the resource du jour, finance with funny fiat, which you will explode somewhere along the line, getting the past X years of 'development' for free, forget about fat tail risk and Fukushimas, and, of course, have all the jobs shipped to wherever is cheapest, easiest to pullute, and has the least respect for humanity, rinse, repeat.  The WTO institutionalization is a behemoth, too.  It's not going away.  Just like Citizen's United is not going away.  Just like the Federal Reserve is not going away.

Enter Ron Paul.  An anti-imperialist that wants to audit the Federal Reserve?  That wants to amend the disastrous National Defense Authorization Act's authoritarian, police state measure to indefinitely detain American citizens?  That doesn't fall prey to the baits of false discourse?  That is a breath of fresh air.  I would like to put it out there, thank you, Ron Paul.  Obummer with his Special Economic Dialogue, WTO status quo arrangments, making demands for job growth in the U.S.?  Give me a break, that doesn't do anything when you have behemoth problems like the WTO-US-China sanctioned dependency.  At the end of the day, if we don't address real concerns like the WTO, like Citizens United, and debunking dubious claims that foster fascist wars, we will amount to nothing.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Cult favorite film, juxtaposing the farce of "development" and nature, brought to you by director Godfrey Reggio and composer Philip Glass.  It's quite a phenomena, the whole development line pushed by globalists, corporations, and "the world is flatters."  There's some logic missing with the whole notion of sustainability and the fact that Earth is a closed system.  Take fracking for example, something that steals health, livelihoods, and safety from people and environments now and in the future, but somehow people justify it as okay because of terrorism and oil depletion and it is "the way of the future."  How can something be the way of the future if it threatens the system on which the future depends?  Simple answer, it is probably something to be avoided.