Thursday, January 26, 2012

On Deluded Democrats, Repugnant Republicans, Chimeras, Ron Paul

I classify myself as neither Democrat or Republican.  It would be impossible for me to subject all the complexities of life, polity, and the economy to a litmus test of party platforms.  With this said, it irks me to see the presidential dog races that fail to address real issues, and the delusion and repugnancy which such a level of discourse seems to engender in the public. 

Democrats are cheering as hard as ever for Obummer, while the Republicans somehow think Ron Paul is invisible, instead disgracefully batting around "military brat" Snoot Newt or 15% Mitt.  If the mainstream media's diet didn't consist of its viewers frontal lobes, perhaps we would be consumed by more rational conversations, but, alas, I jest.  We all know the Republicans feign small government principles while cloaking their big business, fascist leanings in allusions to national security.  Then there is Obummer's commission of a 'too little, too late' Financial Crimes Unit to deal with mortgage fraud, when the Justice Department is perfectly capable of dealing with this fraud, but is, rather, too busy indicting C.I.A. officers or selling guns to Mexican drug cartels.  There is only so much time in the day, I guess...

What else...Obummer got us out Iraq and killed Osummer.  Cite this, O deluded ones, but please, never, ever question the rationale for being in Iraq, and please never ask to see the body of a bogeyman.  You are a conspiracy nut and crazy if you entertain any implications of government lies and opacity.  Please, go back to watching TV, and stop asking questions.

But Iran is building nuclear weapons, the Repugnantcan line goes.  Just like Iraq had mobile nuclear weapons labs, yellowcake uranium, and intentions to destory Amurica?  Those GD turrurists are still hating our freedoms, let's destroy another nation and consume all their oil to go to Wal-Mart and consume some Chinese WTO-institutionalized virtual products.  I still love how Jon Huntsman promoted job creation in the U.S.  What a farce.  He was the ambassador to China and was a major intermediary in the process of their accession to the WTO.  Let me tell you, the trade balance since this accession in the week of September 17, 2001 have, with no shadow of a doubt, transformed the U.S. into a debt-financed, imperial warring state that no longer manufactures its own screws.  Chimerical. That's what this system is.  Go to war to secure oil, or the resource du jour, finance with funny fiat, which you will explode somewhere along the line, getting the past X years of 'development' for free, forget about fat tail risk and Fukushimas, and, of course, have all the jobs shipped to wherever is cheapest, easiest to pullute, and has the least respect for humanity, rinse, repeat.  The WTO institutionalization is a behemoth, too.  It's not going away.  Just like Citizen's United is not going away.  Just like the Federal Reserve is not going away.

Enter Ron Paul.  An anti-imperialist that wants to audit the Federal Reserve?  That wants to amend the disastrous National Defense Authorization Act's authoritarian, police state measure to indefinitely detain American citizens?  That doesn't fall prey to the baits of false discourse?  That is a breath of fresh air.  I would like to put it out there, thank you, Ron Paul.  Obummer with his Special Economic Dialogue, WTO status quo arrangments, making demands for job growth in the U.S.?  Give me a break, that doesn't do anything when you have behemoth problems like the WTO-US-China sanctioned dependency.  At the end of the day, if we don't address real concerns like the WTO, like Citizens United, and debunking dubious claims that foster fascist wars, we will amount to nothing.

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