Sunday, July 24, 2016

Plasma Clouds, Sun Dogs, and Microwaved Skies, Oh My!

For those taking notice, it's readily apparent the sky has morphed into some bizarre bastardized version of its once natural self.  Any day of the week, one can look up and see a roiling miasma of airplane-laced chemical trail clouds blot out the sun and suffocate the earth.  And that's just one consequence of whatever is happening above our heads.  It's ironic that these attempts at geoengineering the earth's atmosphere, allegedly to mitigate anthropogenic global warming, are having the effect of a worsening greenhouse effect, as the sky becomes loaded with aerosols trapping heat and contributing to severe droughts worldwide.  Take Buffalo, NY for example, where I'm currently living.  We, along with the entire western third of the state, are categorized as being in a severe drought, the third highest categorization for drought by the U.S. Drought Moniter.  There should be no reason that our region is experiencing this level of drought considering our geographic location due east of Lake Erie, a 250 mile body of water that should produce plentiful rain clouds.  Perhaps if the sky wasn't completely consumed by nano particulate artificial clouds, the hydrological cycle wouldn't be obstructed here.  Instead, whatever water vapor coming off the lake is being transported hundreds of miles east as the water molecules aren't forming large enough to fall as rain.  

The following pictures were taken over the last year or so.  A lot of them depict either plasma clouds, the oscillating wave clouds that indicate the presence of a plasma, as far as I understand the issue, or sun dogs, the rainbow-like rings around the sun indicating a sky so loaded with particulate matter it causes a halo of refraction so intense they linger for hours.  This is what happens with these aerosol cloud fields, the oppressive environment we now find ourselves enveloped by, breathing, suffering against.  The aerosols get laid out and travel hundreds and hundreds of miles, morphing, falling to the earth, mixing, and, of course, being heated and steered by electromagnetic beam antenna arrays and radar stations.  Plasmas are created when gases are heated or subjected to electromagnetic energy, something our environment is also completely loaded with.  As for witnessing these plasma fields, they are easily observable from both space and airplane as well.  A couple of the screenshots below show what the Northeast looks like when it appears as if the entire region is being microwaved.  And we're told that anthropogenic global warming is just a result of industry and fossil fuels.  What about the effects of zapping the sky with microwaves and raising the temperatures by who knows many degrees?  I bet all those apocalyptic events with birds falling from the sky by the thousands have something to do with these programs.  It truly is situation of total absurdity, complete mad hat science, and we are all living under this sun.  

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Incontrovertible - Documentary Expounds Indisputable Truth About 9/11 Fraud

The fact that 9/11 was an inside job is indisputable.  Incontrovertible.  This fact cannot be dismissed or denied - that is, if you have been exposed to the mountain of data that shows an outright coverup that totally discredits the entire official narrative of the event.

The official narrative of 9/11 is an act of complete misdirection, mind control, and it is us, the victims of the event, who are being used by the perpetrators for their ends.  What ends?  We could talk about the Iraq war, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria.  We can talk about the destruction of our economy and culture by the insidious influence of banking practices and monetary warfare.  We can bear witness to the ever-present and growing surveillance apparatus which has no logical end other than total surveillance and control of every aspect of an individuals behavior via predictive programming and economic inductance.  In short, our lives are being engineered by economic warfare and mind control towards a position of absolute vulnerability to the whims of a cold, despotic, indifferent system that spares the few from the chaos and destruction experienced by the majority.

The implications of 9/11 truth are vast and wide-ranging.  Contrary to popular opinion, the event is not just in the past, settled, or irrelevant.  If it is understood that the official narrative is a complete lie, and it has yet to be disclosed by either the compromised and collusive mainstream media or the government, it is imperative to our security and future that we address the gap between the truth and official lie.  What are we, as a society, if we accept this current state of affairs?  What are we as individuals?  Ultimately, we are without discernment over our own lives, which is a dangerous place to be.  If we are incapable of having, as a nation, addressing this issue, only negative consequence follow.

As a result of this realization, I have been a vocal advocate for 9/11 truth for years, at the costs of alienation, isolation, and several damaged relationships.  I am at a point where the negative views of the uninformed or intolerant make no difference to my position.  I perhaps cannot change that a certain number of people in my life steadfastly refuse to awaken to the truth about 9/11.  It has been their choice to constantly attack me over it and that's their issue.  I know the costs of this struggle and the consequences of inaction are worse than the personal toll I have taken over the issue.  I am moving towards a point where the truth will be demanded by the majority and the majority will prevail.  It's that simple and it is just a matter of time.

I don't know where all this personally leads to, but I would rather count myself as one of the informed people struggling to illuminate this issue than to be one of those who blindly accept the lies of our society and our culture.  We stand no chance against this encroaching system of tyranny without an informed populace.  It is our minds that have been stolen and we are being used, against our will and without our knowledge.  I refuse to consent to this status quo and refuse to stand down.

For the uninformed and those who actively deny the truth about 9/11, spend a small portion of your distracted existence soaking up the facts presented in this recent documentary, Incontrovertible.  The film gently begins with coverage of the WTC Building 7 collapse.  For the uninformed, both CNN and the BBC broadcasted news of its collapse before it actually happened and the building was clearly still standing in the background of the broadcast segments.  For those attempting to explain this away, I have an explanation for you.  They were reading a pre-prepared script.  Don't waste your energy doing mental gymnastics attempting to explain it away otherwise, it's a waste of your time.

Fraus omnia vitiate.  Fraud vitiates everything.  The evidence of monumental fraud on 9/11 is indisputable.  Wake up.