Friday, October 28, 2011

Obama Is A Traitor, Now Is Not the Time for Political Moderatism

After having a short political conversation with an uncle today, I noticed he revealed a few things about what is at stake in the run-up to the 2012 election.  I don't know if he classifies himself as Demoncrat or Repugnantcan, but he said he wouldn't vote for Ron Paul but the Repub candidates would probably force him to vote for Obama.  I replied that Obama should be impeached, which he patly disagreed with.  I followed with explaining that Obama's first National Economic Advisor was Larry Summers, an instrumental figure in deregulating the derivatives market.  He replied, "I was wondering how nobody had been prosecuted yet," while scratching his head and looking to the ceiling.  Um, because the government has been hijacked, Uncle Tom. 

If the yet-to-be-awakened moderate/liberal/softie Obama types still have trust in Obama, we are screwed.  My uncle said he would vot Obama (the traitor) back into office, based on a lack of another suitable candidate.  While my opinion is that Ron Paul is the only hope for the election, due to his understanding of the monetarist/militarist coup we have been subjected to, people like my uncle just dont't want to agree with some of his policies.  Ron Paul has suggested some radical ideas, deterring moderates all over, but the fact remains that he is the only possible candidate that will address the real problems we face.  There are times for restraint and moderation, but 2011 and 2012 are not them. 

In the same conversation, my uncle mentioned other things like NPR, Talk of the Nation, gay marriage, and a few others subjects, which tell me one thing - we need to establish a more persuasive and urgent discourse.  We need to offer Grade A meat in the face of MSM Grade D.  Would you like Grade D or Grade A?  The modern liberal, mediocre, projected guiltism, I'm so nice/equal/righteous/just/smart/liberal, how dare you attitude makes me sick (I'm not ascribing all these qualities to my uncle, but I see this sentiment all over the place), but it's the skid mark of the poop excreted from NPR, BBC, Politico, HuffPo, DailyKos, and other poop slingers of great esteem.  I'm not even worried about the traitorous major media outlets - they're up to their eyeballs in treasonous lies - how I would love to have one-on-one conversations with those crooks in charge.  Anyway, such a softie attitude to everything political yields nothing - it's part of why he's okay with voting for Obama again.  he isn't aware of Obama's campaign donors and Wall Street cabinet members.  I mean, Larry FuckOurFuture Summers?  We need to convince the moderates that their savior-in-grace Obama is a huge part of the problem and is not worth a vote, no matter who is on the other ticket.  Insert voting/non-voting debate here.  My uncle also mentioned that he thought Obama was just too politically afraid to do anything.  I don't necessarily think that is the main problem, even though it is a problem.  I think the main problem is that he's bought and paid for and he's being kept in line.  I don't know how he sleeps at night.  Whatever, the point is that without bringing the Obamanites into the anti-Obama fold, we will continue to suffer from the inertia that prevents our movement from gaining momentum.  By agreeing to the belief that Obama is not a huge part of the problem now, moderates fail to really see what's going on.  We need to destroy the Obama myth, and fast.  We need to destroy the internal tendency to relinquish our own political power to people like Obama, Romney, or any other shill.  They are not on our side, they are the enemy.

Light in the Darkness, Ennio Morricone - La Bambola

"These are the times that try men's souls."  Let us not overlook the magnificence of the goals we seek, justice and truth, for we toil not in vain.  Like those who have come before, we chase these principles for posterity.  We are lights in the darkness, and we have no choice to shine that light.

Back on the East Coast, Hegelian Dialectic, We Want Our Future Back

Arrived home late last night.  Back on the East Coast for a month.  Will be in NYC for potentially a week, possibly more, after this weekend, looking forward to it, but more than anything I am looking to get real and push the envelope.  

What we are seeing in the world today with the political reactionarism is very simple.  Blowback, you could call it, a response, an inevitability, what is referred to as the Hegelian dialectic - problem, reaction, solution.  The government gets hijacked, people's futures are stolen, people want them back and fight for them.  This is a war and we will win.  

Militarized police are impossible to negotiate with, and they are not primary targets.  Granted, with watching developments like Scott Olsen being shot in the head by police, it is easy to want to bring violence upon the protectors of the system, the police.  The thing is, how can we bypass the police to achieve the aims of justice?  The federal politicians are the ones fucking us, among many others, but let me make this clear - we are not making it clear enough that we will not stand for the injustice any longer.  Maybe I need more patience, sure, but let's get organized to take over the power centers.  Our love affair with indirect democracy, for the time being, is over.  At this juncture, we are pursuing direct democracy out of sheer necessity - the politicians aren't doing their jobs so we will do it for ourselves.  And we will replace them. 

To quote Bobby D, "Your old road is rapidly aging, please get out of the new one if you can't lend your hand."  A message for those who go against the changes being pursued by people such as myself and those in the Occupy movements, it will become clear in time that you stand no chance against us.  We are a multitude and we want our future back.  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fear Arrests, Hope Liberates

Just an idea I've been thinking about recently.  Fear arrests progress, action, moving forward.  We think we will benefit from operating out of fear, but the fact is fear only prevents people from manifesting true potential.  Fear is defeat, no matter how difficult things seem.  Hope is the way out of fear.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years, James Woolsey Fingers Iraq 9/12/2001

Forget that Bush Jr.'s first Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill revealed that war plans for Iraq existed since the first National Security Council meeting.  Forget that Obama's first National Economic Advisor Larry Summers has culpability in the crime of deregulating the derivative market.  Forget all your wistful notions of circumstances gone by.  This picture is big, and it's not free.

We live in a three tier system, where a small subsection of humanity creates policy that primarily dictates the characteristics of the outer two tiers.  This paradigm is not new. 

Time passes in a linear fashion.  Activites, such as war or peace, consume people's time.  It depends on the person, how they choose to spend their time.

Some activities must be ceased, some others only need to be done right. 

(General Wesley Clark details one of the Rumsfeld "snowflake" memos, making the DoD aware of war plans for seven countries.)

(Clinton era CIA director James Woolsey fingering Iraq on the eve of 9/11, not once, at least twice, and maybe three times, for the crime of 9/11.)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

John Bolton: America's Wars Are For Oil

Oh, wow, John Bolton, thanks for the revelation!  All these wars are for oil, if you hadn't noticed, among other plausible justifications such as geopolitical control and revamping the military and god-knows-what on the financial side.  However, you cannot build true prosperity off destruction of whole countries for some fucking oil.  We need to think outside the box to solve our energy problems, not ruin countries and maim and kill millions.  Sorry, neocons, get a new modus operandi.

Avengelism, Rebellion, Going Over the Edge

I have been theorizing how to overcome all this economic slavery/eternal war bullshit that a small segment of our society thinks is great.  For people like me, it simply comes down to fighting this war (and it is a war, declared by the haves on the have nots, right Warren Buffet?) on two fronts, one against the rogue political and corporate entities fucking our collective future, and one fighting to wake people up to this fact.  The thing is, with such asymmetric power vis-a-vis the State to exercise such things as, say, political assasinations, war, and murder inc., we must focus on the idea front, to achieve power in numbers.  The inertia of a police state, a mostly docile population, thanks to the economic slavery system, and last but not least the assholes in the MSM who think ruining a national psyche is a rich activity - these things confine this movement to peaceful means.  And there is power in numbers, but it is a matter of reaching critical mass, which is inevitable but still remains in the future somewhere.  This is why it is a two front war, because we need to reach critical mass by first bringing into the fold the same people the power elite are fighting to keep in the dark.  People like me are bound to a trajectory of avenging the crimes of the organized political/corporate kleptocratic, oligarchic war party.  May we call ourselves Avengelists.

I can look to the 2012 election and make some assumptions about what will happen.  If Ron Paul is on a ticket, Republican, Independent, Non-Fascist, Whatever Party, I will be voting for him and I pray he wins.  But, if Ron Paul is not on a ticket, I can guarantee you there will be riots in the streets.  Everyone is sick of the bullshit, whether they have accurate understandings of the source of their woes or not.  If we are handed another rigged election, which will be clear once the Republicans select a candidate, at that point if it not Ron Paul there are going to be some problems.  Civil disobedience, rioting, political violence, vandalism and other guerrila tactics will be resorted to.  This is the first front of the war against the oligarchs and it will manifest itself if need be.  However, peace is the first resort.  But, if we are handed another non-choice I can tell you people aren't going to sit at home and go to work the next day like normal.  There will be reactionaries if it's an Obama/Romney nonchoice.  Hell, it's probably in their cards to put Paul on the Republican ticket just to string people along with enough hope until election day, as a way of buying time against political upheaval.  If anyone but Ron Paul wins the election, you can expect all the people like me to express their dissatisfaction in more serious ways than with only words.  Mark my words.

One final point, about the money system.  The shackles of continual and endless debt keep countless people under the thumb of the system while stealing their opportunity for improved economic/social/environmental circumstances.  If we are constantly on the edge from this money system, why don't we just go over the edge and start living beyond the dollars, beyond the slavery, let it implode.  How can we go over the edge to pressure the system?  If we make it clear the money system is making people destitute by choosing poverty over worthless, pointless jobs, maybe that action will be like going over the edge.  Stop playing the game.  An addendum to this idea is the obvious, more proactive choice to start dealing with truer forms of wealth (i.e. commodities, physical capital, precious metals).  The point remains that as long as we continue to play the game, we're getting rooked.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Going Going, Back Back, to Wall Street, Wall Street

I'll be heading New York City ways in two weeks.  I plan on spending as much time as I can talking, musing, and sussing it out with the people down in Zuccotti Park.  As much as I feel I am a part of "their" movement somehow, I am thousands of miles removed from it.  A fixation on where I live comes with ease, but I know there is serious work being done in New York that I have to contribute to.  Some things I would like to see as a result of the Wall St. protests:

1.)  Develop the ethos we need to eradicate the prevailing dichotomies inhibiting discourse.
2.)  Determine the most essential forms of wealth in all physical, metaphysical, natural, and future categories.
3.)  Establish a framework for political reconciliation, prosecution, and amnesty.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coping With 9/11 Truth

This post is dedicated to my father.  He and and I have been through many arguments over our competing versions of 9/11, mine 9/11 truth, his the official narrative.  I can't describe all the effects this has on our relationship, but suffice it to say that I am misunderstood and, as a result, underestimated by him.  I've gathered this much:  he thinks he has a son who believes in crazy conspiracy theories, I'm just a malcontent, and I can be dismissed as crazy (thanks, MSM :-)  Well, I won't let false illusions hold me prisoner any longer.  I have felt the pain of loneliness, being ostracized, ignored, disrespected, and have fought internally with how to deal with this subject, 9/11 truth.  It became apparent to me in 2009 that I needed to address the subject with writing and connecting with others, a main reason for this blog.  But the inertia I experience with the subject, the neurosis from not effecting real changes still overwhelms me and dashes my confidence.  Believe me when I say I have no qualms representing 9/11 truth, but I need to learn the tools to be able to deal with such activism:  I need empathy, patience, and perseverance.  If I am dealing with the subject of 9/11 truth, I have to better reign in my emotions and let pride, anger, and intolerance dissipate in favor of empathy, listening, and openness.  I need to foster these attributes.  I understand how seminal one's understanding of 9/11 is, how it affects worldviews and actions, both consciously and subconsciously.  By adopting the Christian ethos, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do," I hope to resolve my internal struggle over this issue, for I cannot blame people such as my father for not understanding 9/11.

Here are two resources for understanding the psychological effects of 9/11.  The first comes from the newly released Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth video, "Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out," the second is a presentation given at the Toronto Hearings by Laurie Manwell on State Crimes Against Democracy (SCAD's) and psychological resistance to alternative accounts of 9/11:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Notes from A Small Town Protest

Last weekend, I participated in a protest in the spirit of the Occupy protests in New York.  Some realizations I had about the problems we experience, day in day out:

Fiat money is a distraction.  It provides a foundation for debt slavery, where people become shackled to a future of menial, demeaning, and compromising tasks that steal the opportunity for unique creation, all for the salvation of having enough dollars for x,y, & z.  You could technically take all your fiat money and burn it and all your wealth would be gone.  There are better forms of value we should focus on.

War is like any of other activity, choose a better one.

Bernanke, stop messing with everyone's future.


I live in a small community - I saw Dick Cheney today small.  Noticing his Lexus immediately, he drove by in silence wearing a baseball cap, the brim tilted somewhat lower than his natural gaze.  How many questions and how few answers, I think.  I struggle all the time with policies this man has enacted and we live within a fifteen mile radius.  Talk about a gap.  Something elusive occupies the space between us. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Walstreetpro Redux, Jon Huntsman on Job Creation, Felonious Monk Rants

After getting aquainted with Walstreetpro, aka Kevin Rowland, via Zerohedge on Friday, I'd like to share his "Greatest Fuckin' Hits" for some comedic relief and to vicariously live through breaking lots and lots of Chinese-made products.  Virtual products, I like to call them, the Chinese, WTO-sanctioned crap that ends up in a landfill immediately because it doesn't actually work, or breaks upon first use.

Then there's Jon Huntsman in the news still campaigning on creating jobs at home, even though he was a major force behind China's accession to the WTO.  That's some doublespeak if I've heard it:  make no mistake about it, Huntsman Corp. has huge operations in China as a direct result of the WTO accession.  Also, his mention of attacking Iran over nuclear aspirations raises some suspicions over its timing, coinciding with the Eric Holder's accusations against two individuals for an assassination plot.  There's the ol' turrurist rationale, blame the ragheads for some pre-crime - what a charade.  Either way, the fact that Huntsman campaigns on job creation at home is seriously ironic considering his business history. 

For your entertainment:

Along similar lines, Felonious Monk:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Obama Press Conference Word Cloud, October 6, 2011

Obama seems to say folks a lot, which is nothing new, but it just became pretty clear to me reading through today's press conference.  Frustration is another good word they've been floating around, with Obama, Biden, and Bernanke noting in recent days the "frustrations" of the protesters in the occupy movements.  But the clincher of Obama's press conference today was, of course, his empathetic shrug, "[A] lot of practices going on weren’t against the law."  Were those laws maybe repealed by people like Larry Summers with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act?  

Without further mention of anything that might have happened in the past, Obama only wants to look forward to stimulate job growth the best way he knows how.  Spend another obscene amount of money that isn't yours.  But, people are over money and jobs;  people want justice, people want confidence in their institutions, and people want trust in their leaders.  And, unfortunately, you, Mr. President, have given nobody, except your 'folks' like Larry Summers and co., the slightest measure of any of these foundations of a social contract.  And other than that, you're so concerned at looking forward to next week's Senate vote for your jobs bill act, you absolutely fail to note the historical context of the criminal activity that has taken place threatening the economy.  Your next step should probably be either to a.) prosecute bank CEO's and others who knowingly gamed the system, or b.) resign.  You are after all, the President, the highest commanding officer of the country.  Your 'folks' definitely tell you what to do, so I expect more silence emanating from the White House concerning any investigations or prosecutions.  You're probably too busy worrying about covering your ass to light a fire under anyone else's.

But, I love the word cloud: "American People Know."  Yes, they do, Mr. President.  The American people know.  Game's over. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Deepak Chopra @OccupyWallSt.: "I Think We Need to Create a Whole Culture of Social Entrepreneurship"

"I think we need to create a whole culture of social entrepreneurship, an entrepreneurship that is based on sustainability, social justice, on economic empowerment of the poor, on love and on compassion, and, you know, going after the basic ideas of truth, goodness, beauty, harmony and evolution."  -Deepak Chopra

Charlie Chaplin - "The Greatest Speech Ever Made"

The Occupy Protests: Silence and Injustice Will No Longer Be Tolerated

What's next for these 'Occupy' protests popping up across the U.S.?  If the protests have succeeded in perhaps one thing so far, it is the deliverance from a period of dormancy in political dialogue in the U.S..  How many times has it been uttered, "Why aren't the Americans protesting or doing anything?"  Many reasons have contributed to political apathy, but some of those same reasons are contributing to the groundswell of opposition to the political status quo.  Take the level of political discourse, for example.  Cloaking discourse in poorly defined terms keeps some assuaged but infuriates others.  The message is now resoundingly clear: people demand dialogue about the numerous socio-economic problems they face, and they will not be taken prisoner by the illusions of any false discourse.  What do the occupy protests stand for?  Goals that will not be swept under the rug.  Engagement of the issues that define our present is absolutely essential, but engagement of the issues that define our future is paramount. 

People have often remarked to me, "Voting is the most direct form of democracy, that's how I participate."  Why are our some so inclined to view voting as a panacea for everyone's problems?   The idea is a trite palliative, reaffirming one's assumptions of the political process.  Voting is a small part of civic responsibility, I would argue, and there are better ways to affect the political process.  Alternative media and news, along with social media platforms, have created very effective channels for communicating pressing ideas and information.  The saying has been frequently attributed to Thomas Jefferson that, "Information is the currency of democracy."   However, when a political discourse has been so eroded by a bought government and mainstream media, there comes a point when it resembles nothing of the political reality that exists.  It's almost laughable, sometimes, too.  The 'occupy' protests signal that the silence and injustice surrounding so many of the issues that effect everyone's lives will no longer be tolerated.  I will repeat, the silence will no longer be tolerated.  Political grievances are vast and we will address them and we will not go away.  


My short, humble list of grievances:

1.)  The fiat, fractional-banking, Federal Reserve money system needs to be replaced with Congressional purse powers.  (I always question what amount of money the U.S. Treasury pays in interest payments to the Federal Reserve every year?  Where can one find this information?) 
2.)  The march towards a world war three scenario of geopolitical, imperial resource war has to be averted by any means necessary.
3.)  The truth about 9/11 must legally investigated and prosecutions must be held. 
4.)  The continuing influence of special interest money captivating political policy in lieu of sane, sustainable, and balanced policy needs to be reigned in somehow.   

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dylan Ratigan @OccupyWallSt: "Get the Goddamn Money Out"

Dylan Ratigan's got a novel idea: get the money out of politics.  Dylan made a call to reach out to the protesters on his TV show Saturday, and followed up with this speech at the protests later that night.  He alludes to the alliance between business and state, one of the hallmarks of fascism, and how it needs to be broken apart with a Constitutional ammendment.  Forbes just came out with piece blasting the protesters for whatever grievances they may think they have, but it only brings to light the dichotomy between those inside and outside Wall Street.  Shall never the twain meet?  It doesn't require being an outsider to Wall St., or the banking industry, or the military-industrial complex, or whatever other hideous incarnation of the fascism Ratigan rails against, to have an ethical or moral code that might make one say, "Hm, this seems somewhat wrong, maybe I shouldn't be involved with this."  Maybe that's why people are working outside Wall Street, instead of inside it, to achieve a change.  Isn't non-participation a form of participation, too?  

The Occupy Wall Street developments are reminiscent of the closing scenes of Zeitgeist II, where mass protests shut down the world economy and people realize the true value of the fiat money they're inundated with.  People don't want a designed economy that benefits few while keeping the majority shackled to forms of economic slavery and servitude.