Tuesday, October 25, 2011

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years, James Woolsey Fingers Iraq 9/12/2001

Forget that Bush Jr.'s first Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill revealed that war plans for Iraq existed since the first National Security Council meeting.  Forget that Obama's first National Economic Advisor Larry Summers has culpability in the crime of deregulating the derivative market.  Forget all your wistful notions of circumstances gone by.  This picture is big, and it's not free.

We live in a three tier system, where a small subsection of humanity creates policy that primarily dictates the characteristics of the outer two tiers.  This paradigm is not new. 

Time passes in a linear fashion.  Activites, such as war or peace, consume people's time.  It depends on the person, how they choose to spend their time.

Some activities must be ceased, some others only need to be done right. 

(General Wesley Clark details one of the Rumsfeld "snowflake" memos, making the DoD aware of war plans for seven countries.)

(Clinton era CIA director James Woolsey fingering Iraq on the eve of 9/11, not once, at least twice, and maybe three times, for the crime of 9/11.)

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