Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Notes from A Small Town Protest

Last weekend, I participated in a protest in the spirit of the Occupy protests in New York.  Some realizations I had about the problems we experience, day in day out:

Fiat money is a distraction.  It provides a foundation for debt slavery, where people become shackled to a future of menial, demeaning, and compromising tasks that steal the opportunity for unique creation, all for the salvation of having enough dollars for x,y, & z.  You could technically take all your fiat money and burn it and all your wealth would be gone.  There are better forms of value we should focus on.

War is like any of other activity, choose a better one.

Bernanke, stop messing with everyone's future.


I live in a small community - I saw Dick Cheney today small.  Noticing his Lexus immediately, he drove by in silence wearing a baseball cap, the brim tilted somewhat lower than his natural gaze.  How many questions and how few answers, I think.  I struggle all the time with policies this man has enacted and we live within a fifteen mile radius.  Talk about a gap.  Something elusive occupies the space between us. 

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