Sunday, October 23, 2011

Avengelism, Rebellion, Going Over the Edge

I have been theorizing how to overcome all this economic slavery/eternal war bullshit that a small segment of our society thinks is great.  For people like me, it simply comes down to fighting this war (and it is a war, declared by the haves on the have nots, right Warren Buffet?) on two fronts, one against the rogue political and corporate entities fucking our collective future, and one fighting to wake people up to this fact.  The thing is, with such asymmetric power vis-a-vis the State to exercise such things as, say, political assasinations, war, and murder inc., we must focus on the idea front, to achieve power in numbers.  The inertia of a police state, a mostly docile population, thanks to the economic slavery system, and last but not least the assholes in the MSM who think ruining a national psyche is a rich activity - these things confine this movement to peaceful means.  And there is power in numbers, but it is a matter of reaching critical mass, which is inevitable but still remains in the future somewhere.  This is why it is a two front war, because we need to reach critical mass by first bringing into the fold the same people the power elite are fighting to keep in the dark.  People like me are bound to a trajectory of avenging the crimes of the organized political/corporate kleptocratic, oligarchic war party.  May we call ourselves Avengelists.

I can look to the 2012 election and make some assumptions about what will happen.  If Ron Paul is on a ticket, Republican, Independent, Non-Fascist, Whatever Party, I will be voting for him and I pray he wins.  But, if Ron Paul is not on a ticket, I can guarantee you there will be riots in the streets.  Everyone is sick of the bullshit, whether they have accurate understandings of the source of their woes or not.  If we are handed another rigged election, which will be clear once the Republicans select a candidate, at that point if it not Ron Paul there are going to be some problems.  Civil disobedience, rioting, political violence, vandalism and other guerrila tactics will be resorted to.  This is the first front of the war against the oligarchs and it will manifest itself if need be.  However, peace is the first resort.  But, if we are handed another non-choice I can tell you people aren't going to sit at home and go to work the next day like normal.  There will be reactionaries if it's an Obama/Romney nonchoice.  Hell, it's probably in their cards to put Paul on the Republican ticket just to string people along with enough hope until election day, as a way of buying time against political upheaval.  If anyone but Ron Paul wins the election, you can expect all the people like me to express their dissatisfaction in more serious ways than with only words.  Mark my words.

One final point, about the money system.  The shackles of continual and endless debt keep countless people under the thumb of the system while stealing their opportunity for improved economic/social/environmental circumstances.  If we are constantly on the edge from this money system, why don't we just go over the edge and start living beyond the dollars, beyond the slavery, let it implode.  How can we go over the edge to pressure the system?  If we make it clear the money system is making people destitute by choosing poverty over worthless, pointless jobs, maybe that action will be like going over the edge.  Stop playing the game.  An addendum to this idea is the obvious, more proactive choice to start dealing with truer forms of wealth (i.e. commodities, physical capital, precious metals).  The point remains that as long as we continue to play the game, we're getting rooked.

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