Friday, October 28, 2011

Back on the East Coast, Hegelian Dialectic, We Want Our Future Back

Arrived home late last night.  Back on the East Coast for a month.  Will be in NYC for potentially a week, possibly more, after this weekend, looking forward to it, but more than anything I am looking to get real and push the envelope.  

What we are seeing in the world today with the political reactionarism is very simple.  Blowback, you could call it, a response, an inevitability, what is referred to as the Hegelian dialectic - problem, reaction, solution.  The government gets hijacked, people's futures are stolen, people want them back and fight for them.  This is a war and we will win.  

Militarized police are impossible to negotiate with, and they are not primary targets.  Granted, with watching developments like Scott Olsen being shot in the head by police, it is easy to want to bring violence upon the protectors of the system, the police.  The thing is, how can we bypass the police to achieve the aims of justice?  The federal politicians are the ones fucking us, among many others, but let me make this clear - we are not making it clear enough that we will not stand for the injustice any longer.  Maybe I need more patience, sure, but let's get organized to take over the power centers.  Our love affair with indirect democracy, for the time being, is over.  At this juncture, we are pursuing direct democracy out of sheer necessity - the politicians aren't doing their jobs so we will do it for ourselves.  And we will replace them. 

To quote Bobby D, "Your old road is rapidly aging, please get out of the new one if you can't lend your hand."  A message for those who go against the changes being pursued by people such as myself and those in the Occupy movements, it will become clear in time that you stand no chance against us.  We are a multitude and we want our future back.  

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