Thursday, October 6, 2011

Obama Press Conference Word Cloud, October 6, 2011

Obama seems to say folks a lot, which is nothing new, but it just became pretty clear to me reading through today's press conference.  Frustration is another good word they've been floating around, with Obama, Biden, and Bernanke noting in recent days the "frustrations" of the protesters in the occupy movements.  But the clincher of Obama's press conference today was, of course, his empathetic shrug, "[A] lot of practices going on weren’t against the law."  Were those laws maybe repealed by people like Larry Summers with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act?  

Without further mention of anything that might have happened in the past, Obama only wants to look forward to stimulate job growth the best way he knows how.  Spend another obscene amount of money that isn't yours.  But, people are over money and jobs;  people want justice, people want confidence in their institutions, and people want trust in their leaders.  And, unfortunately, you, Mr. President, have given nobody, except your 'folks' like Larry Summers and co., the slightest measure of any of these foundations of a social contract.  And other than that, you're so concerned at looking forward to next week's Senate vote for your jobs bill act, you absolutely fail to note the historical context of the criminal activity that has taken place threatening the economy.  Your next step should probably be either to a.) prosecute bank CEO's and others who knowingly gamed the system, or b.) resign.  You are after all, the President, the highest commanding officer of the country.  Your 'folks' definitely tell you what to do, so I expect more silence emanating from the White House concerning any investigations or prosecutions.  You're probably too busy worrying about covering your ass to light a fire under anyone else's.

But, I love the word cloud: "American People Know."  Yes, they do, Mr. President.  The American people know.  Game's over. 

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