Monday, October 3, 2011

Dylan Ratigan @OccupyWallSt: "Get the Goddamn Money Out"

Dylan Ratigan's got a novel idea: get the money out of politics.  Dylan made a call to reach out to the protesters on his TV show Saturday, and followed up with this speech at the protests later that night.  He alludes to the alliance between business and state, one of the hallmarks of fascism, and how it needs to be broken apart with a Constitutional ammendment.  Forbes just came out with piece blasting the protesters for whatever grievances they may think they have, but it only brings to light the dichotomy between those inside and outside Wall Street.  Shall never the twain meet?  It doesn't require being an outsider to Wall St., or the banking industry, or the military-industrial complex, or whatever other hideous incarnation of the fascism Ratigan rails against, to have an ethical or moral code that might make one say, "Hm, this seems somewhat wrong, maybe I shouldn't be involved with this."  Maybe that's why people are working outside Wall Street, instead of inside it, to achieve a change.  Isn't non-participation a form of participation, too?  

The Occupy Wall Street developments are reminiscent of the closing scenes of Zeitgeist II, where mass protests shut down the world economy and people realize the true value of the fiat money they're inundated with.  People don't want a designed economy that benefits few while keeping the majority shackled to forms of economic slavery and servitude.

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