Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Occupy Protests: Silence and Injustice Will No Longer Be Tolerated

What's next for these 'Occupy' protests popping up across the U.S.?  If the protests have succeeded in perhaps one thing so far, it is the deliverance from a period of dormancy in political dialogue in the U.S..  How many times has it been uttered, "Why aren't the Americans protesting or doing anything?"  Many reasons have contributed to political apathy, but some of those same reasons are contributing to the groundswell of opposition to the political status quo.  Take the level of political discourse, for example.  Cloaking discourse in poorly defined terms keeps some assuaged but infuriates others.  The message is now resoundingly clear: people demand dialogue about the numerous socio-economic problems they face, and they will not be taken prisoner by the illusions of any false discourse.  What do the occupy protests stand for?  Goals that will not be swept under the rug.  Engagement of the issues that define our present is absolutely essential, but engagement of the issues that define our future is paramount. 

People have often remarked to me, "Voting is the most direct form of democracy, that's how I participate."  Why are our some so inclined to view voting as a panacea for everyone's problems?   The idea is a trite palliative, reaffirming one's assumptions of the political process.  Voting is a small part of civic responsibility, I would argue, and there are better ways to affect the political process.  Alternative media and news, along with social media platforms, have created very effective channels for communicating pressing ideas and information.  The saying has been frequently attributed to Thomas Jefferson that, "Information is the currency of democracy."   However, when a political discourse has been so eroded by a bought government and mainstream media, there comes a point when it resembles nothing of the political reality that exists.  It's almost laughable, sometimes, too.  The 'occupy' protests signal that the silence and injustice surrounding so many of the issues that effect everyone's lives will no longer be tolerated.  I will repeat, the silence will no longer be tolerated.  Political grievances are vast and we will address them and we will not go away.  


My short, humble list of grievances:

1.)  The fiat, fractional-banking, Federal Reserve money system needs to be replaced with Congressional purse powers.  (I always question what amount of money the U.S. Treasury pays in interest payments to the Federal Reserve every year?  Where can one find this information?) 
2.)  The march towards a world war three scenario of geopolitical, imperial resource war has to be averted by any means necessary.
3.)  The truth about 9/11 must legally investigated and prosecutions must be held. 
4.)  The continuing influence of special interest money captivating political policy in lieu of sane, sustainable, and balanced policy needs to be reigned in somehow.   

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