Friday, May 27, 2011

Ron Paul - The Last Nail, House Floor Speech May 25, 2011

Ron Paul, a luminary in a House packed with dunces and shills, speaks the truth about how far gone we are.  Debt by design, fascism, and unmitigated shenanigans.  Someone find me a unicorn, I need a ride out of this bad dream.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pakistan Feeling Threatened by US, China to Expedite Delivery of Fifty JF-17s to Pakistan

In response to the simmering geopolitical confrontation between the U.S. and Pakistan, China is making its position clear with the announcement that Pakistan will be recieving an expedited shipment of fifty state-of-the-art JF-17 fighter jets on credit.  There has been a number of significant events in Pakistan recently, from the outing and subsequent departure of the Pakistan CIA station chief, to the arrest of CIA contractor Raymond Davis, to the alleged and fake CIA mock-up Osama bin Laden raid, the U.S. is up to something and, whatever it is, the stench is thick.
From the Pakistan Daily Times:
Pakistan, China likely to ink agreement on JF-17 Thunder
BEIJING: Pakistan and China are expected to sign an agreement today (Thursday) for the provision of 50 JF-17 thunder aircraft to Pakistan on emergency basis, it has been learnt by Daily Times. According to official sources, these aircraft will be equipped with sophisticated avionics. Not only will the aircraft be handed over within weeks, China will also foot the bill initially. Although Pakistan and China have been jointly developed this multirole combat aircraft in the past, in the aftermath of the US operation in Abbottabad, serious questions have been raised about Pakistan’s defence capabilities. According to a strategic expert, the speedy delivery of 50 pieces of this aircraft, originally to be done over two years, is expected to allay apprehensions of not only the Pakistani public but will also send a message to the world that Pakistan’s defence is not weak. It might be remembered that not only has the Indian military chief speculated on the possibility of a US-style strike from the Indian side to take out jihadi outfits in Pakistan, there has been escalation on the Pakistan-India border near Sialkot recently. Also, observers believe that in a situation when the speculations are rife that Pakistan may not be able to resist another US attack inside its territory if it so decides, this agreement will send a clear message to the world on which side China stands.
For further reading, if you don't trust anything that doesn't come from the mainstream media (I'm sorry), here's a link to the Wall Street Journal's coverage of the situation:  China to Fast-Track Jets for Pakistan

We will see in the coming weeks what all this posturing will amount to, but I am hoping the U.S. doesn't get too brazen and start some conflict with Pakistan that entangles China.  In this scenario, the rabbit hole goes deep.

Monday, May 2, 2011

"Just Keep Going, You Got Nothing To Lose"

Moving film made by Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change.  At the beginning of the video he mentions how lonely he has been feeling recently, a sentiment I have felt recently, too.  People never talk to each other, there is too much silence.  We need to reach out to each other, because, like the title of the video says, we have nothing to lose.  Thanks, Luke.

James Corbett on the Alleged Death of bin Laden

Brought to our attention by williambanzai7, contributing writer for Zero Hedge, James Corbett of the Corbett report providing some unbiased and balanced perspective over the alleged death of bin Laden.  I had been under the impression from several sources that he had died in 2001 and I do not buy into this bullshit at all.  Obama, shame on your political opportunist, lying ass.

9/11: No More Confusion, Denial & Silence

Since 9/11, our country has been driven into a dizzying state of confusion.  The cultural psyche has been divided and threatened and confused by what people perceive as real, right, and permissible.  What topics are off-limits, what is too controversial?  For me, 9/11 has been an issue that is uncouth, too controversial, and impolite to mention, because I am a "9/11 truther".  What a disparaging term people use to dismiss a perfectly rational mindset.  There are many good reasons to question the official account of 9/11, but there is a stigma surrounding such skepticism.  Why?  Fear, mostly, I guess.  It is not 'okay' to believe these things, for it is too bold, too dangerous, too different.  People tell me, "The truth would have come out if 9/11 was an inside job, it would be too hard to coordinate without keeping it secret, why would they do that?"  Qui bono?  Who benefits?  War is profitable, I have learned over the years, and since 9/11, which was used directly as a reason to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq, we have seen the U.S. government launch wars with no legal justification.  All the reasons we have been given have been proven untrue (WMD's, yellowcake uranium, Saddam-al Qaeda ties), yet there have been no reasons given in the conspicuous lack of any justification's place.  Instead, the wars are a given, something we are not able to question, something that we aren't supposed to actually think about.  Well, I question them, and do everyday.  What happened to the realization President Eisenhower left us with about the military-industrial complex?  How can we trust ourselves and pretend that all the avarice and fraud and greed isn't actually there.  Obama almost pretends the wars aren't happening.  That's also a sentiment I see on the streets everyday.  We don't act like a country at war.  We act like a confused and self-absorbed people, running around like rats everyday chasing dollars that the Federal Reserve continues to devalue.  Why don't we stand up??  I am tired of being silent about these issues and do not plan on maintaining my silence anymore. 

The denial and silence is overwhelming, and I have contributed to it, enabled it, rolled over for some master that has made me fearful of what it might do.  I know the truth about 9/11 from a multitude of information I have seen, but what pushed me over the edge years ago to finally concede 9/11 was an inside job (because, for me, it took years to be able to believe it could have been -  I know it is hard) was my own gut instinct.  I was living in China at the time in 2007 and, being outside the U.S. propagandized culture, I was able to see through the surface level constraints placed upon the culture preventing the truth from arising.  Even people who disagreed with the war during the Bush years, even after all his infuriating stonewalling, couldn't come to see that 9/11 was an inside job - no matter how many lies he told, how much we as a citizenry were left in the dark, 9/11 couldn't be a lie, people thought, because we were so caught off guard and cowwed into believing the official story.  9/11 was different, people still think.  But it isn't.  9/11 is still the issue people need to come to grips with, because it affects how one thinks about all these other massive issues we have to deal with.  If you trust the official story, you are being used, you are being toyed with so that you allow other nefarious things to take place.  It isn't necessarily your fault that you believe the official story because of the massive amount of resources in place to control your thoughts, but it needs to change, and that change starts with you.  There is a tremendous amount of information on the internet about 9/11, you just need to be open to changing your perception and to seriously pay attention to all the different factors the information covers.  I list a number of websites on the sidebar of this site that offer information about 9/11, the best of which covering the subject are and George Washington's blog. 

Japan's Nuclear Crisis: No Longer Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

I would first like to say that we need to pray for Japan and the teams responding to the catastrophe at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.  May they be spared from further devestation for the good of life on planet Earth.

Japan's nuclear crisis is highlighting the question of whether nuclear power is sustainable.  The answer is an emphatic NO.  Humans are neither capable of safely operating nuclear power plants nor are they prepared for such adverse natural disasters, much less geologic changes throughout long periods of time.  There is too much risk in using nuclear power, which the Fukushima crisis is sadly illustrating.  If we cannot adequately deal with the downside of using a technology, maybe we should not be using it.  Research and design is one thing, arrogance and ignorance are another. 

International institutions should see what options are available for substantially reducing energy consumption.  Like a holistic doctor might prescribe a patient, we need to address core issues affecting the health of our world by redacting the amount of abstraction the current energy economy generates.  Conservation will have to reassess the viability of nuclear power plants that are currently in operation.  We must close the gaps between our means of sustaining life and the pitfalls of fossil fuel and nuclear energy dependency.  In the past year, we have experienced the Deepwater Horizon explosion, unrest all over the Middle East and North Africa, which affects OPEC production, and now the Fukushima nuclear crisis - all huge events that are directly related to the structure of energy economy.  We are sustaining ourselves on technologies and processes that we cannot control, much less claim we can.