Monday, May 2, 2011

9/11: No More Confusion, Denial & Silence

Since 9/11, our country has been driven into a dizzying state of confusion.  The cultural psyche has been divided and threatened and confused by what people perceive as real, right, and permissible.  What topics are off-limits, what is too controversial?  For me, 9/11 has been an issue that is uncouth, too controversial, and impolite to mention, because I am a "9/11 truther".  What a disparaging term people use to dismiss a perfectly rational mindset.  There are many good reasons to question the official account of 9/11, but there is a stigma surrounding such skepticism.  Why?  Fear, mostly, I guess.  It is not 'okay' to believe these things, for it is too bold, too dangerous, too different.  People tell me, "The truth would have come out if 9/11 was an inside job, it would be too hard to coordinate without keeping it secret, why would they do that?"  Qui bono?  Who benefits?  War is profitable, I have learned over the years, and since 9/11, which was used directly as a reason to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq, we have seen the U.S. government launch wars with no legal justification.  All the reasons we have been given have been proven untrue (WMD's, yellowcake uranium, Saddam-al Qaeda ties), yet there have been no reasons given in the conspicuous lack of any justification's place.  Instead, the wars are a given, something we are not able to question, something that we aren't supposed to actually think about.  Well, I question them, and do everyday.  What happened to the realization President Eisenhower left us with about the military-industrial complex?  How can we trust ourselves and pretend that all the avarice and fraud and greed isn't actually there.  Obama almost pretends the wars aren't happening.  That's also a sentiment I see on the streets everyday.  We don't act like a country at war.  We act like a confused and self-absorbed people, running around like rats everyday chasing dollars that the Federal Reserve continues to devalue.  Why don't we stand up??  I am tired of being silent about these issues and do not plan on maintaining my silence anymore. 

The denial and silence is overwhelming, and I have contributed to it, enabled it, rolled over for some master that has made me fearful of what it might do.  I know the truth about 9/11 from a multitude of information I have seen, but what pushed me over the edge years ago to finally concede 9/11 was an inside job (because, for me, it took years to be able to believe it could have been -  I know it is hard) was my own gut instinct.  I was living in China at the time in 2007 and, being outside the U.S. propagandized culture, I was able to see through the surface level constraints placed upon the culture preventing the truth from arising.  Even people who disagreed with the war during the Bush years, even after all his infuriating stonewalling, couldn't come to see that 9/11 was an inside job - no matter how many lies he told, how much we as a citizenry were left in the dark, 9/11 couldn't be a lie, people thought, because we were so caught off guard and cowwed into believing the official story.  9/11 was different, people still think.  But it isn't.  9/11 is still the issue people need to come to grips with, because it affects how one thinks about all these other massive issues we have to deal with.  If you trust the official story, you are being used, you are being toyed with so that you allow other nefarious things to take place.  It isn't necessarily your fault that you believe the official story because of the massive amount of resources in place to control your thoughts, but it needs to change, and that change starts with you.  There is a tremendous amount of information on the internet about 9/11, you just need to be open to changing your perception and to seriously pay attention to all the different factors the information covers.  I list a number of websites on the sidebar of this site that offer information about 9/11, the best of which covering the subject are and George Washington's blog. 

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