Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cowed, Dogged, and Penned

Do you hear that, that deafening silence?  The quiet and unrecognized passing of honor, of dignity, of principles long ago replaced.  Principles of liberty and universal rights, replaced by authoritarianism and corporate personhood.  How is it that justice is served so unequally, lies told so brazenly, and rights trammeled so wantonly?  In the process of awakening to the omnipresent grief and sorrow we now find ourselves submerged in, appeals to the great and the good have taken primary residence in the face of interminable uncertainty.  Show me the man who knows how to navigate this world, with answers to the eternal mysteries.  Where is the righteous indignation at the usurpation of freedom?  No, for, all that remains, is silence.  We have been cowed, dogged, penned - like industrially farmed animals commodified and proffered by an iron fist.

The passage of days in the United States, expending and compromising the true self, for external necessities of consumerism, subjugation to the corporation, and the ever quaint niceties of jockeying with wannabe aristocrats.  Problem is, "Crtl+P" Bernank is printing most people's wealth into oblivion.  It's like Mao is about to come and take all our silverware and pots and pans, the little that we have, and smelt it into worthless steal.  The sociopathic, demonic men laying claim to our humanity, our earth, and our future profit from the activities of destruction, but we have reached a fulcrum point.  It is obvious the system is crumbling, yet we are fighting against the emergence of a worse reality.  I don't know the answers.  All I know is that controlled perceptions mask the activities of conspiratorial power mongers, and it's a late stage in the game to be so acquiescent to their multitudinous, suppressive dictates.

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