Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Round of Applause for the Globalizers, Iran and Syria Sabre-Rattling, Dr. Graeme MacQueen's "The Fictional Basis for the War on Terror"

(note:  reading and watching the following should involve using one's prefrontal cortex)

Just wanted to take a moment to put my hands together and give the globalizers of the world a round of applause.  They have succeeded in their purpose to initiate unending repression and misery.  Let's give these fucks a round of applause.  And then, now, let's work to dismantle the repression, the misery  This is a process which involves acquainting yourself with difficult and complex ideas that will challenge preconceived notions.  I hope we are suited to deal with it.

Let's reflect on little reported facts, thought.  There's no telling how deep the rabbit hole goes, but the Pentagon has been planning to initiate regime change throughout Middle East since at least 9/11.  For the uninitiated, Iran and Syria have always been part of this plan.  Here's General Wesley Clark making it clear this has been the plan since day one, whenever that might have (truly) been:


It's troubling, right?  Hopefully this information isn't new.  But, you also could just be shutting out this information and rationalizing it somehow.  This will not work, in the end.

9/11 is the coup.  This fact cannot be dealt with any other way.  The stench permeates throughout several governments (U.S., Saudi Arabia, Israel, Pakistan) and government agencies, the mainstream media, and among many investors (record United Airlines put options pre-9/11).  Please watch below Dr. Graeme MacQueen's presentation at Harvard on "The Fictional Basis for the War on Terror":

I write about these things because they are of grave importance.  I hope people will wake up to these facts and also that the information culture will improve soon, because the alternative has dire implications. 

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