Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Deepak Chopra on Leading @Google, Observations

I have noted the failure of leadership in this country.  I have pointed to propagandized institutions and culture.  I have indicated that we live in a post-modern dystopia.  The question has been, what do we do about this?  Deepak Chopra offers his perspective on how power resides in individuals to "be the change they want to see in the world," and he touches on many other subjects like biological evolution, leadership qualities, consciousness, and universal characteristics of life in this field of existence.  Good questions asked by Google employees, too.  It's a given that Google employees are smart, but it's reassuring to see that first question relates to the failure of leadership in this country.

Let's take stock of 2012.  Over 7 billion people on the planet, and growing.  This has dramatically changed the dynamics of both society and ecology and will continue to do so.  The challenge we are experiencing is reconciling the polluting, repressive, failed neoliberal model with a more inclusive and sustainable system.  This begins with individuals, but we can't do it alone, first of all, and we also need to learn, listen, and talk with one another about how we have to go about this.  If it seems like we are living in a post-modern dystopia, let's do something about it, yes?  Divisions are one thing, but it's the acceptance of these divisions to prevent unity that is a personal choice.  In 2012, we are realizing that the assumptions we have made about the world are only that, assumptions, and there is absolutely no guarantee they are true.  Like Dr. Chopra says in his presentation, the human body is based on processes rather than functions.  So it is with life, that process trumps function, which is why we are collectively confirming the fact that meaningful work takes priority over neoserfdom, why organic is better than conventional, and why we need to go out and "play", like Deepak suggests is fundamental to human development.  Watch the video below for the entire presentation.

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