Monday, July 13, 2015

Geoengineering in Buffalo, NY, July 10, 2015

The following photos were taken July 10, 2015 from several locations in Buffalo, New York.  The photos were taken over the span of one day and show a deliberate, intense campaign of aerosol spraying, otherwise known as chemtrailing.

 13:59 EST.  First photo taken, sky shows heavy spraying activity having already taken place.

13:59 EST.  Spray trails exhibit spreading.

16:08 EST.  Jet heading northwest spraying, with aerosol emission displaying a large skip.  Very visible from ground when it occurred.

16:09 EST.  Jet emits another skip in aerosol trail.

16:09 EST.

16:15 EST.  Lingering emission trail from jet in previous three pictures.

17:25 EST.  Lingering aerosol emissions over Lake Erie.

17:25 EST.  Commercial jet flying west, no aerosol emissions.

17:26 EST.  Jet flying very high altitude heading west/northwest.

17:26 EST.  Jet in previous picture, zoomed out.  Upper left side of frame.

 17:26 EST.  Same jet, zoomed in.

17:40 EST.  Missed this jet, heading west.

17:43 EST.  Jet heading east/southeast.  Visible to the right is a previous aerosol emission.  The jets fly in patterns and groups of three, flying through previous emissions in both directions.  Rarely are turns or course corrections visible.

17:43 EST.  Jet from previous photo, continuing eastward.

17:53 EST.  Jet heading eastward through emission trail of previous jet.  Jet is dead center of picture, with defined emission trail behind it.

18:02 EST.  Jet heading west/northwest through now thick aerosol emission cover.

18:10 EST.  Jet moving west through previous emission trails.

19:00 EST.  Recent aerosol emission trail indicating eastward flight path.

19:00 EST.  Jet heading eastward, emitting a resilient aerosol trail.

19:06 EST.  Jet heading west/northwest through previous emission trail.  When jet emerges in next picture, aerosol sprayers have been deactivated.

19:06 EST.  Jet appears from emission cloud and its sprayers have been turned off.  Jet is visible in upper center of picture as silver line.

19:06 EST.  Jet continues moving westward with its sprayers deactivated.

19:06 EST.  Jet continues moving westward.  The two small bursts of white behind the jet were visible signs of the emission system being activated.

19:06 EST.  Photo is grainy, bear with me.  Photo is zoomed in shot of emission system spurts from previous photo.

19:08 EST.  Jet enters cloud and emission system is reactivated, visible in center of photo.

19:08 EST.  Jet continues moving northwest with emission system visibly on.

20:29 EST.  The above four pictures show a jet flying eastward directly overhead through the several emission trails laid previously.

20:37 EST.  This photo shows the emission trail left by the jet in the previous four photos some ten minutes later.  Hasn't moved, only spread out and combined with other trails.

 20:41 EST.  Immediately following the previous jet's direct overhead flyover, these ripples appeared in the sky north of our location.  Google "HAARP ripples" for an explanation of this phenomenon, and please consult this link:

20:42 EST.  HAARP ripples.

20:45 EST.  This right angle cut appeared in a cloud just east of the ripples, another phenomenon mentioned in this article:

 20:45 EST.  Another jet emerges, flying westward through previous emission trails.

20:46 EST.  Jet continues westward through emission trails.

20:52 EST.  HAARP ripples.

20:54 EST.  Another jet emerges, flying westward.

20:55 EST.  Jet continues moving westward.

 20:56 EST.  Jet exits field of view, traveling west/northwest.

 21:01 EST.  View of HAARP ripples and odd circular formations over Nardin Academy.


The above photos provide clear evidence of a concerted, covert operation to spray the atmosphere with what has been alleged are mixes of aluminum oxides, barium, strontium, and many other chemicals and elements for the purpose of climate geoengineering and solar radiation management.  Patents are held for these technologies and are readily available for researching on the internet.

The above photos were taken on Friday, July 10, 2015 in Buffalo, NY.  I have documented further geoengineering in the subsequent days including more extensive aerosol spraying and ripple formations.

In addition to documenting the operations with photos, I have consulted flight radar for the flights and and none of the spraying operations appear on radar.  Satellite imagery of the Eastern U.S. also shows a visible depletion of water vapor emanating from Buffalo due east, forcing precipitation events south of New York state.  There have been similar flight paths the past three days.


Geoengineering presents a clear and present danger.  I will be continuing to document the local geoengineering operations and will be forwarding all the evidence to the media, local meterologists, politicians and law enforcement.

Geoengineering needs to be ceased now.


  1. Thank you for this posted blog link Von, I saw your comment on's latest article on cooling or warming. I am doing the same in my area and have been for 3 years now but I do not have any "books" on line with my pics posted. I send numerous email's with them instead.

    So I was wondering if you had any interest in incorporating other states pics in to your blog post here to enlarge the proof of skies in other places? I am in SWFL and would take very kindly to the advertisement of this issue as my local officials and fellow real estate professionals continue to acknowledge through implying they do but at the same time delete me from public record, write letters to the editor that no one should do business with me, and point blankly state that if this were to be "addressed" publicly SWFL and FL as a whole, would go down the toilet from tourism losses, so "they filed a report" for me 2 years ago and have never followed up as promised. Needless to say, my biz is severely lacking in sales. I find it impossible to sell chem trails in paradise unlike my fellow professionals.

    I am only looking to make it known as you are. I used to reside in NJ and NY as well and still have family up there that think I am crazy for believing this visible sky disturbance.?? I have some really good pics too you might enjoy looking at. Anyway, if not thanks for your real time pics. I have forwarded this out to several more for you! May God help us! Best to you, Hawkeye ( can I look back for a response please, thanks ).

    1. Hawkeye,

      Let me set up an email account accept your photos and we'll go from there. It would help if you explained then as well. I like the idea.

      They have been heavily spraying in the same flight paths for the last week.

      Just spent a couple hours documenting heavy traffic. Some notable flights other than spraying tankers also were not on radar. Also watched fbi surveillance Cessna lapping city skies. Post to follow soon.