Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Two Unidentied Jets Leave Chemtrail Plumes

The following pictures depict an aerial campaign by two jets cruising at 43,000 feet leaving thick, resilient trails in their wake.  The photos were taken from the waterfront of Buffalo, New York on Friday, July 24, 2015.  Both jets appeared on radar near the same location southeast of Alfred, New York.  The sky was relatively blue this particular morning but by evening was a faded mass of jet exhaust byproducts, whatever that may consist of this week.  

July, 15, 2015 13:40 EST.  Looking west at Lake Erie near Lasalle Park.  

14:21 EST.  Two jets flying northwest laying visible, persistent trails.

14:23 EST.  Jets appear on radar southeast of Alfred, NY.

14:34 EST.  Trail persist and expand.

15:00 EST.  Overlooking Canalside, in the sky immediately above the grain silos are the trails laid by unidentified jets.

These jets followed this same flight track until descending to under 30,000 feet at the cusp of Lake Superior.  I didn't track them past there, but their landing zone should be available through the playback feature on

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