Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Dignity and Humility of Being Human

It is humbling to be human.  The simple things, like fingernails, having a physical body that occupies space.  The similarities all people share, the teeth, the act of washing oneself even, all so humbling.  The little things that take up our time that we have to do as part of being human.  The little things we do that are sacred, even if we do not pay attention to them every time, walking one foot after the other, adorning ourselves, cutting hair and nails, having a belly button.  We all have dignity and share a similar story.  We are human.  I am thankful for this gift.

The symmetry of our faces, of our bodies.  Even animals delight in the symmentry.  We resemble grasshoppers when you get down to it.  We have the same desires, needs:  food, a mate, a home.  The desires for love, safety, meaning.  What we do to find these, and live with them, forever and always.  Unmistakeable, Undeniable, there.  Presence, essence. 

The gestures we offer one another, as a token of love, a token of ourselves.  If not for another, then for who?  Without another, we wouldn't be.  All we do that is solitary, belongs to others.  Is there any act that does not truly exist for others?  The impossibility of escaping the fact that selfishness is a puzzle piece that fits in no puzzle.  If I were the only person in the universe, I would see myself and demand that I create another like myself - to witness, for me to witness, to create.  All it takes is a moment, a glance at our fleeting physicality, to understand.  We are never alone, the divine path we inhabit.  There is no other way.  I take comfort in the sanctity of this moment. 

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  1. Before they go throwing the word "Civilized" around, how about throwing up some public bathrooms for our basic needs? "Civilized"?