Sunday, January 30, 2011

W-2s at the Post Office

After brunch today, we stopped into the post office to grab the mail from our P.O. box.  There was a W-2 in there that belonged to someone else, so, being a "good samaritan", I grabbed it and walked it over and put it in the "Wrong P.O. Box" box.  I left my few pieces of mail, including my W-2, at the sorting table where Jason and Will were, but they had left the table by the time I made it across the hall to the other box.  Completely forgetting my mail back at the table, I walked out of the post office with them.

Congratulations goes out to whoever you are for getting your wayward W-2 back.  I only hope someone saw my W-2 lying out and turned it in, too.  We'll see Monday.   In the meantime, I'll have the opportunity to contemplate the pros and cons of paying it forward and paying attention. 

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