Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Late start to the day...slept in, but that's all right, I'm not working, only skiing today.  Have been skiing with the JH Air Forcers unofficially here and there recently.  Yesterday, two of them, one who I see frequently, followed me and Cory down a ridge on the lower faces.   I was flirting back and forth across the crest of the ridge, rounding out nice turns down the fall line.  I got to the bottom first, and slow down to look behind me for Cory.  The one Air Forcer passes me on the right and the other is coming down right behind Cory. 

I have been hesitant to talk with the Air Forcers; I have no idea what their ethos is, so I just let it be.  There are points of recognition between us, but we haven't spoken.

Official trailer for "Swift. Silent. Deep", a documentary about the JH Air Force.

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