Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Mornings

The clock reads 4:16 AM - Monday morning.  Three cups of coffee keeping me up, all night.  Not ideal, not the best for my health, but we do what we need to do in this world - I work a few overnights each week.  It was an opportunity given to me at one point, and I took it to get behind the front desk.  It's all right, it's pretty chill.  It gives me days to ski, which is a big perk.  One of the mornings I work is Monday, a morning I've come to love.  The world, all over, is shaking off the pace of the weekend - revelry, respite, retreat, what ever.  When the sun comes up, people bustle and let responsibilities and mundane things like commuting take them over.  News pops up from all over; Asia, Europe, NYC.  People's morning routines emerge.  Distractions.  It's pulse, noticeably different from sleepy, quiet Sunday. 

I've never been much of a morning person, but I love them.  I used to have the hardest time waking up all throughout elementary and high school, a major source of frustration for my parents - sorry, Mom and Dad.  Then there was college, when I religiously avoided early AM classes and spent most Saturdays and Sundays sleeping in, hungover.  I remember never wanting to spend another late morning in bed, hungover - what a waste.  Now I like being up in the morning, the earlier the better.  The angle of the morning sun, the serenity, the clean slate.  People have a certain clarity and integrity in the morning that can seem to wane as the day progresses.  I like to see this in the morning, and soak it up.

In NY, people are two hours ahead of me;  in Europe, seven hours;  Asia, fourteen.  Things happening outside my physical presence intrigue me.  I like to think of that unseen potential, what is available to happen.  Things happening that I don't know are happening.  Throughout history, we've been limited by physical, spatial proximity dictating our experience of the world.  We still are, of course, but now we have the internet - connecting us to events far removed from our physical settings.  I enjoy catching the pace of other places via the internet; living vicariously through the internet, I guess. 

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