Friday, December 18, 2015

Silver Orb UFO Floats Near Massive Chemtrail

In what will be a series of posts dedicated to detailing a number of experiences with what can only be described as "UFO's", this is the second event I have photographic documentation of that is both inexplicable and perplexing.  Altogether, before these photos were taken, I had witnessed three things that would fall into the category of UFO's.  The first was a black, oddly shaped craft swiftly crossing the sky detailed in a previous post.  At around the same point in time, perhaps that same day, I witnessed a slow pulsating, extremely bright light high in the sky during the day.  I was identifying a plane through binoculars when far above the plane a light came into view, growing in intensity and then dissipating, in equal intervals of about three seconds.  The light was extremely bright and round.  It appeared about five times and then I couldn't see it anymore.  This was the first time I really started to question what the hell I was seeing, and I was a UFO skeptic so the whole idea of seeing them wasn't even on my radar, so to speak.  Later that day, I saw with my naked eye another bright silver light appear and make a quick L-shaped zip high in the sky and then disappear.  These were the first three things that made me realize there was a lot going on above our heads.

The following pictures document an event from July 15, 2015.  In a previous post, you can find many pictures from that day that show an intense chemtrail campaign, culminating in perhaps one of the most bizarre occurrences I've seen in the sky, a chemtrail mass stretching straight across the entire sky above the city of Buffalo.  This mass was an accumulation of particulates already in the sky, not one trail sprayed by a plane.  It was as if this thing appeared because it was activated somehow, or perhaps it just materialized due to temperature conditions, but nonetheless it was incredibly bizarre.

Upon analysis of the photos in recent months, I have discovered silver orbs floating near the trail that I did not see with my naked eye at the time because not only was I not looking for them, but I was also completely astounded by the appearance of this trail stretching from one side of the sky to the other.

Without further ado, here the photos.  All photos taken at 18:03 and 18:05 EST from the Erie Basin Observatory in Buffalo, NY.  The first photo is looking almost directly west, the second directly overhead, and the third directly east.  Also included are some zoomed in screen shots of the original photos.  The photos looking almost directly into sun show a number of what could be orbs, or some sort of lens flare (which appears in pictures with sun).  Given the orbs appearing in the other photos, it's hard to say.

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