Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dr. Steven Greer Exposes MAJIC: History of the Deep State Shadow Government

For all those who think everything is perfectly explainable and they've got it all figured out, watch Dr. Steven Greer expose the deep state shadow government for what it is:  a complex network of highly classified information and agents operating under the guise of a transnational security apparatus that seeks to control the truth about a wide array of issues directly affecting each and every one of us in innumerable ways.  The history of world events since at least World War II has been obscured by the manipulations of this group, MAJIC, also referred to as Majestic.  In the following presentation, four hours in length, Greer exposes this group as a sinister, all-powerful cabal that manufactures a false reality in the pursuit to maintain full control over perceptions of history and nothing less than the destiny of humankind.  It is our task to shed light on the fact that reality is constantly obscured and controlled by this clique whose object is the seeming destruction of consciousness and free will.

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