Saturday, February 26, 2011

Up The Ante

What if our wishes comes true?  What if what rely on for the here and now is no longer available?  How do present circumstances dictate our perseverence, our inspiration?  If and when things change, do the things we hold on to become osbolete?  Everyday we form thoughts that we believe necessary for continuing whatever path we might like to set upon. 

Up the ante.  This is changeable.  Convince, persuade, pursue, but do not lie.  We yearn for so much, but what if these things we yearn for manifest themselves?  How does our yearning leave us empty?  If the goal one seeks is obtained, one must be ready to change in the absence of an erstwhile endeavor. 

Clarity of purpose rewards the initiator.  Accept failure and growth the same, for a goal needs both.  Up the ante - you will be rewarded in kind.

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