Sunday, February 13, 2011

Driver/Pedestrian Communications

Pedestrians and drivers just can't seem to communicate well.  Take intersections, for example.  Pedestrians want to jay walk and drivers want to roll through the stop signs.  Cars spasm to late stops, with drivers occupied by no less than three gizmoids and hardly noticing the person standing at the corner, you, as you realize a five second inconvenience is a lot to a car.  Then there's the awkward moment walking past their car as they watch you, probably wishing you would cross the street faster and more competently than you are.   Or there's also the overly-courteous drivers that come crashing to a halt much too early, gracing you with an extended period of unneccesary driver/pedestrian awkwardness.  Next time I'm the pedestrian at the crosswalk, I think I will make things extra akward by dropping everything in my possession or something like this as I cross, then gather my things as moronically as possible and wave back to the driver, smiling and fumbling around.

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