Monday, August 17, 2015

Study: Coal Fly Ash Is the Most Likely Aerosolized Particulate Sprayed for Geoengineering

A study recently published in the open access journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health by J. Marvin Herndon asserts that the most likely culprit for the toxic, geoengineered skies we all witness is coal fly ash.  Composed of heavy metals and other toxic elements, coal fly ash is the most probable mixture of ingredients in the daily, visible spray operations to "geoengineer" our earth's atmosphere.

Herndon's paper shows a relationship between the composition of air and water samples taken from San Diego and the chemical properties of coal fly ash from European power plants.  What is discovered is a nearly identical chemical makeup, including elements such as aluminum, barium, and strontium, elements specifically named in geoengineering patents such as the Welsbach patent.  The Welsbach patent uses aluminum to reflect the sun's radiation, what is called solar radiation management by the "geoengineers", but apparently these science wizzes never contemplated the secondary effects of spraying the earth's atmosphere with a heavy metal that lingers and floats around everywhere, such as heat trapping, tree die-offs, and bumble bee deaths.

If it is indeed true that they are spraying processed coal fly ash into our atmosphere, the health catastrophe lying dead ahead is enormous.  On top of the toxic air, we have an atmosphere absolutely loaded with electromagnetic waves, a source of invisible yet highly disruptive pollution.  Consult your phone's user manual so you know never to place it against your heart or to never let it touch your skin.  But nevermind everything secondary, because at this point anything that doesn't stop this "geoengineering" seems secondary.  If we don't get some answers and put an end to this madness, there's no telling what is going to happen next.

Please download the paper and read it:

Abstract: The widespread, intentional and increasingly frequent chemical emplacement in 
the troposphere has gone unidentified and unremarked in the scientific literature for years. 
The author presents evidence that toxic coal combustion fly ash is the most likely 
aerosolized particulate sprayed by tanker-jets for geoengineering, weather-modification 
and climate-modification purposes and describes some of the multifold consequences on 
public health. Two methods are employed: (1) Comparison of 8 elements analyzed in 
rainwater, leached from aerosolized particulates, with corresponding elements leached into 
water from coal fly ash in published laboratory experiments, and (2) Comparison of 14 
elements analyzed in dust collected outdoors on a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) 
filter with corresponding elements analyzed in un-leached coal fly ash material. The results 
show: (1) the assemblage of elements in rainwater and in the corresponding experimental 
leachate are essentially identical. At a 99% confidence interval, they have identical means 
(T-test) and identical variances (F-test); and (2) the assemblage of elements in the HEPA 
dust and in the corresponding average un-leached coal fly ash are likewise essentially 
identical. The consequences on public health are profound, including exposure to a variety of 
toxic heavy metals, radioactive elements, and neurologically-implicated chemically mobile 
aluminum released by body moisture in situ after inhalation or through transdermal induction. 

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