Monday, December 26, 2011

Solutions Are Not Consumer Items

Solutions to societal problems are not consumer items, packaged and boxed neatly, advertised and sold for your consumption.  Solutions are not pre-determined; they are derived by processes that may not appear linear, seem static, and create any number of contrasts.  A path forward is marked by twists, turns, and backtracking.  Nothing is a forgone conclusion, for we determine the future. 

At a time when propaganda reigns, technology subjugates, and corporate oligarchs maim, the only thing that's certain is pain.  Such is life.  Giving up hope holds appeal, but does nothing.  Resistance is one option, building a better world another.  How are they intertwined, I wonder?  Maybe resistance does nothing.  Maybe surrender is the wisest choice.  How to fight a fight without fighting, goes the riddle.

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