Friday, June 10, 2011

China Hacks Google

A notable accusation comes from Google that China has hacked the email accounts of several high-ranking US officials, among others.  Jeff Bader, the previous National Security Coucil's Senior Director for Asian Affairs, was possibly one of the successfully hacked accounts.  He resigned from his post recently, but Evan Medeiros, a RAND Corporation expert on US/China Security, remains on the National Security Council as a China specialist.

And, for Hillary Clinton's take on events?  She says, "the recent announcement by Google" if she didn't know about the attacks beforehand, if they, as it has been asserted, emanated from China (which, then makes the assumption that the spies were official Chinese spies).  Jeff Bader, in logical form, probably interacts with the State Department and Hillary Clinton on a daily basis, so Clinton must have been made aware of his email account being hacked before Google's "announcement".  Furthermore, this would touch an especially close nerve for Clinton:

Meanwhile, in other news, Iran claims one of their spies infiltrated opposition and foreign intelligence units, all the way up to Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.  Hmm, interesting. 

P.S.  In doing a little background research, I ran across this video from February of Jon Huntsman, now retired US Ambassador to China, at a protest in China, to the ire of Chinese officials.  Whoever was filming recognized him and started accusing him of fomenting chaos and the fall of China.

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