Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Flight 3407

On February 12, 2009, Flight 3407 crashed outside my hometown of Buffalo, New York.  On the plane were two prominent political activists, Beverly Eckert and Alison Des Forges.  Beverly Eckert's late husband Sean Rooney was killed in one of the towers on 9/11, and she became a leading proponent of investigating 9/11.  She was one of the relatively few people who chose not to accept the 9/11 victim compensation fund, thus keeping her right to sue.  Please read her credo My Silence Cannot Be Bought for a better understanding of her aims.  Alison Des Forges was a leading expert on the Rwandan genocide.  The official reasons explaining how the plane fell from the sky was that the FAA had insufficient regulations and that the pilots were undisciplined and improperly trained.  I don't believe this is how it really transpired.  

Being from Buffalo, I have a unique perspective on the event.  Sean Rooney was an alum of my high school, Canisius High School, a fairly prestigious Jesuit high school in the region, and Beverly had set up a scholarship in his name with the school after his death.  The first recipient of the scholarship was a boy named Remy Uwilingiyimana, who happened to be a relative of Agathe Uwiligiyimana, the Prime Minister of Rwanda who was killed in the beginning of the genocide.  Is it too coincidental that two major political activists were killed on the same flight with this sort of connection?  The Sean Rooney Memorial Scholarship, which Beverly helped create, first went to a Rwandan boy related to Rwanda's Prime Minister at the time of the genocide, someone Alison Des Forges had extensive ties to.  There seems to be a crossroads here that should not be overlooked.  Is it also a coincidence that Obama addresses the crash in front of a blue and gold background - the school colors of Canisius?

Another event that arouses suspicion is National Transportation Security Board board member Steven Chealander's prompt resignation following the crash.  He presided over the intial investigation and then submitted his resignation to Obama about a week later.  Chealander was presidentially appointed by George W. Bush, and he decided to resign one week into one of the most important events of his tenure - Why?  Icing was immediately claimed as the main cause of the crash by both the mainstream media and then Chealander at the first news conference, before the investigation had actually been completed.  It is important to mention here that the FBI sent experts who investigated the crash of Flight 93 on 9/11 to help carry out the investigation of Flight 3407.  There have been significant questions about Flight 93, ranging from whether the plane was shot from the sky or if there was a plane at all. 

The local media coverage was dismal and proved to me that the event was being covered up.  Living in Boulder at the time, I had the advantage of being removed from the low quality of information surrounding the crash, and thus the propagandized environment it created in Buffalo.  The Buffalo News aptly had its Washington Bureau Chief Jerry Zremski cover the entire crash, and he thoroughly maintained official storylines regarding 9/11 and icing.  He did nothing to actually cover the crash, but instead just distracted people from the reality of the event.  Reading his coverage was sickening to me as I saw him play matador to my hometown - people in Buffalo have no clue as to the truth of the crash.  One of the worst things I saw come out of the paper was an editorial by Tim Roemer.  He specifically spoke about his relationship with Beverly Eckert - they worked together in establishing the 9/11 Commission.  The piece looks innocent enough now, but at the time it carried a lot of weight - coverage of the crash was scarce, for Jerry Zremski was the only person continually writing about it.  Repetition of a false story might  Scarcity of information is a primary tool of social engineering.   Watch him in the following clip saying the Pentagon was "ripped open by a missile":

All in all, I know the area and the people and I am able to see through this event.  The final investigation hearing looked like a kangaroo court with a full-on CIA transcript and video explaining how the plane fell from the sky.  Icing wasn't finally blamed, but rather poor FAA standards that allowed undisciplined pilots to fly the plane.  The pilots became subject to character attacks from all angles, and the black box transcript magically provided several perfect explanations for how the FAA failed and why the pilots were inadequate.  

I've believed this since the crash but have largely held my tongue - no more.  People in Buffalo have been propagandized to the hilt about the crash and I know how I look professing these things.  It makes no difference though, because I am thoroughly convinced the plane was brought down on purpose.  Beverly Eckert's trial will now not take place and 9/11 will be further enshrouded in lies and propaganda.  The State Department, among others, will dislike what I am saying here, but I have to write about it because nobody else is.  I don't need validation from anyone but myself.  In the words of the Buddha, "The earth is my witness."

I've Got Two Words for You: Weather Modification

"The weather is really nice today,"the guy says as he passes by admiring the sky.  I cringe.  I look up and see a sky riddled with chemtrails.  I keep walking, trying to nod and make my cringe appear as a salutation.  He goes on his way, wherever he's going, whatever he's doing.  I've seen him around before, genial older man.  I don't want to ruin his day with some weird response like, "Yeah, minus all the chemtrails" or something equally as flippant.  So I just nod and my brow crinkles behind my sunglasses.

Bizarre weather?  Weather modification.  Nice weather?  Weather modification.  Shitty weather?  Weather modification.  It's all been wrapped up in some tide of grandiose modification of the weather, for whichever purpose they see fit every day of the week, on every corner of the Earth.

Is it Smartdust?  Solar Radiation Management?  Stratospheric Aerosol Injection?  Plasma science experiments?  Or some grandiose, massive conspiracy for mind control and total enslavement?  Who knows at this point.  It's all under the sun.


Sanctioned Speech Reigns Supreme in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

written years ago, shortly after Alex Jones was banned by the technocratic cognoscencti. forgive the unfinished sentences and unedited nature of the post. Well, well, well.  Finally, the anti-climatic assault on Infowars and Alex Jones has reached a crescendo.  Finally, after all these years he's been broadcasting his show, it's become so mainstream and indomitable that the power structure, albeit the tech cognoscenti, has enacted their form of prison on the man, the myth and the legend, Alex Jones.

Apple, the corporation with the largest NASDAQ market cap, decided to delist the Infowars app from their app store yesterday.  Expect the stock to drop precipitously come Monday morning.  I almost feel like writing them, but all those fart stains sitting around Silicon Valley will just send me their automated bot responses saying, "Sorry, offensive speech was cited."  Delisting the infowars app is a step too far and indicates a larger problem in society:  people actually perpetuating false narratives to control people's behavior.

There's a Je ne sais quoi about Alex Jones and these fruit loops banning him.  For years, he's been the forbidden fruit of internet culture, for the newbs at least, sitting on the sidelines demanding everyones attention.

Now, it's at a point where the fruit loops and their emissaries have lost the ability to command their own audiences attention because their message is such shit that they now have to have a coordinated ban of Alex Jones because he's dominating their platforms.

The twist for the "conspiracists", and all you fruit loops fearful of overstepping the confines of your own mental imprisonment, what if Alex Jones is actually just a "performance actor" and this drama is all part of the choreographed political charade?  Now that's a conspiracy theory the fruit loops should be able to get behind because it would discredit even further their main target, but the supposition breeches the limits of their thoughtspeech.  I mean, unveiling the long awaited infowars app only weeks before the tech cognoscenti's assault?  No such thing as a coincidence, right?

The problem with the people getting behind delisting Alex Jones is that they could never win an argument against his positions in the past, maybe the big ones at least, the ones that gained the most attention, so they resorted to belittlement and name calling.  Of course, now that the man, the myth, the legend, Alex Jones has required the fruit loops and fart stains to pay attention, they attempt to defend themselves from listening with erudite syntax and miscommunication and herd shaming and intimidation.

See, the thing is, to these people, it's all about servitude, and a consequence of that is maintaining a false consensus of reality for themselves.  Let's be honest, we all have to get by, but for fuck's sake can we start

It's funny, because the typical Alex Jones nemesis has morphed from anti-democratic warmongers to anti-democratic nancies.  It is a major problem that companies like Apple are now engaging in political engineering, something publicized in the Wikileaks Podesta dumps revealing Eric Schmidt's strategic support for Hillary Clinton, but it shouldn't be a surprise considering all these companies bend to the will of their controllers, whoever the hell that might be.  Major banks, shadowy conglomates, fart stains and fruit loops and nerds.  Now they've brought into the fold every other desperate and emotional sap who just can't stand Trump.

Thing is, I can't stand politically correct speech because I've seen first hand what it does to people.  Destroys them.  Granted, on the other hand, politically incorrect speech can lead to lasting feuds, but what if I'm fucking right and you aren't.  Then what?  People need to realize that if they're going to go on some self-righteous crusade, if they're wrong, they better be ready to recognize that, because if they aren't, it's going to be a long fucking road.

The people that voted for Trump were pissed at the system.  The people that voted for Obama were pissed at the system.  A lot of those people are the same people, as a matter of fact.  Now, I'm looking at all these indignant people who are so pissed about Trump they are going to go to every length to alter  the current political scenario without actually realizing that they're pissed about the same things that got Trump into office.

Ah, whatever, I'm not trying to get into some buzzword argument with nitpickers.

Fact remains, its a shame these companies stepped over the line with their political assassination of Alex Jones.  They should reprimanded and ashamed of themselves.  It's going to cause a lot of people to have personal and social reckonings.  Maybe they'll learn something about themselves, about the world.  Or they can just wither in their hall of mental mirrors, trying to justify every tiny thought they have as cohesive to their whole position, no matter how inconsequential or innocuous.  It's all about us v. them to some of these people.  All they care about is the fact that they're on their team and they're damn sure going to play their role.  Who fucking cares how wrong you are if everythings marshmallows and unicorns, ya know?

Monday, October 12, 2020

Jet Blue Pilot Confirms Knowledge of Chemtrail Program and UFO's

I'm sitting at the bar in the lobby of the hotel where I'm staying in St. Martin.  I'm sunburnt but the room has a breeze, and I can hear the slot machines and the sound of coins clinking. The televisions hanging behind the bar play CNN, alternating between coverage of the election and the latest terror event in Brussels.  It's a Friday night but there aren't many people around.  I wash down a few negronis and banter with the people who come and go.

The guy across the bar is loudly talking about flying into the airport here.  He's middle aged, well-fed and is wearing sunglasses with croakies on his head.  He's showing a couple other hotel guests his cell phone footage of landing the plane on the runway next to the ocean.  I wander over to them and become one of the onlookers, except it was my intent to eventually broach the subjects of both UFO's and chemtrails with him at some point.

"Oh yeah, me and him have been flying together for 10 years now," he says as he points to the mum white-haired guy wearing a hat to his left.  His co-pilot looks at me without any expression and I wonder about his history.
"We fly Airbus 220's down here a couple days a week and they put us up here."
"Not a bad gig.  Who do you work for?" I ask, standing there at the bar next to them as they eat their burgers.
"Jet Blue," he replies.  He continues showing pictures and video from inside the cockpit.  We chat about types of airplanes and the difficulty in operating them and what its like to land here.  I wash down my negroni.
"So what about UFO's, ever seen any UFO's?" I ask after a good fifteen minutes of banter.
"UFO's?  Not really, no."
"I'm not even a pilot and I've seen UFO's.  You have to have seen some things.  Quick flashes of light, objects that appear and disappear?  I even have footage of this stuff."
"Yeah, here, let me show you," I say and reach into my pocket and get my phone.

I show him mostly videos that haven't been published here of what can only be described as silver and white balls flying through the air extremely rapidly.  They change shape and change direction at will and the phenomenon is visible to me with the naked eye, although it is almost imperceptible due to its speed.  What appears as static covering the sky above, when filmed and slowed down reveals silver and white objects visibly flying through blue sky backgrounds, all the while moving at extremely rapid speeds and changing both shape and direction.

"Yeah, I've seen stuff like that," he says as he looks down at my phone with his burger in his hands.  He takes a bite.  "We're just moving too fast," he says.  "Up, what was that?" he says with a chuckle as he rotates his head with a smirk.  "You've got some good stuff there.  Seriously, hold on to it.  I've seen some of that stuff but I don't have pictures or anything.  You've got some good stuff there.  Keep it," he says.

There's a brief silence.  I take a sip of my drink.

"So what about geoengineering?  You know, chemtrails," I ask him.
"Contrails?  That's just a result of atmospheric conditions."
"Come on, I've done the research and it's definitely more than just atmospheric conditions.  They are absolutely spraying stuff from the airplanes, it's obvious."
He takes a bite of his burger and I take a sip of my drink.  He finishes chewing and looks down and in my direction.  "We know it's happening," he says quietly in his Southern accent, "We just can't say anything because we'd lose our jobs."

He goes back to eating and I ponder what he says, leaning there silently looking into the distance in front of me.  Without wanting to impinge on him, I left the subject there.  There's a certain line that will not be crossed, like the man said.  He confirmed his knowledge of the chemtrail program, and I'm not trying to raise a fuss in the bar over chemtrails with these guys so we abandoned the subject and returned to our glasses and remarked about the weather down here.  It sure is nice down here in the Caribbean.  Blue skies, sunny.  Nice place to fly into.  Sure is nice.  The televisions were still broadcasting the latest breaking news.  The slot machines played a thousand weird jingles and people looked at them strangely as they walked past.  I pay my tab as our conversation faded.  And with a whimper, we have a standard farewell and I meander through the lobby to the beach.

The sky is clear and the full moon is bright, high in the sky.  I take a deep breath of the windy, salty air blowing in off the ocean.  The air here is the freshest I've had in a long time.  I sit alone and listen to the sound of the waves lapping the shore and watch the stars and the palm fronds swaying in the wind.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Plasma Clouds, Sun Dogs, and Microwaved Skies, Oh My!

For those taking notice, it's readily apparent the sky has morphed into some bizarre bastardized version of its once natural self.  Any day of the week, one can look up and see a roiling miasma of airplane-laced chemical trail clouds blot out the sun and suffocate the earth.  And that's just one consequence of whatever is happening above our heads.  It's ironic that these attempts at geoengineering the earth's atmosphere, allegedly to mitigate anthropogenic global warming, are having the effect of a worsening greenhouse effect, as the sky becomes loaded with aerosols trapping heat and contributing to severe droughts worldwide.  Take Buffalo, NY for example, where I'm currently living.  We, along with the entire western third of the state, are categorized as being in a severe drought, the third highest categorization for drought by the U.S. Drought Moniter.  There should be no reason that our region is experiencing this level of drought considering our geographic location due east of Lake Erie, a 250 mile body of water that should produce plentiful rain clouds.  Perhaps if the sky wasn't completely consumed by nano particulate artificial clouds, the hydrological cycle wouldn't be obstructed here.  Instead, whatever water vapor coming off the lake is being transported hundreds of miles east as the water molecules aren't forming large enough to fall as rain.  

The following pictures were taken over the last year or so.  A lot of them depict either plasma clouds, the oscillating wave clouds that indicate the presence of a plasma, as far as I understand the issue, or sun dogs, the rainbow-like rings around the sun indicating a sky so loaded with particulate matter it causes a halo of refraction so intense they linger for hours.  This is what happens with these aerosol cloud fields, the oppressive environment we now find ourselves enveloped by, breathing, suffering against.  The aerosols get laid out and travel hundreds and hundreds of miles, morphing, falling to the earth, mixing, and, of course, being heated and steered by electromagnetic beam antenna arrays and radar stations.  Plasmas are created when gases are heated or subjected to electromagnetic energy, something our environment is also completely loaded with.  As for witnessing these plasma fields, they are easily observable from both space and airplane as well.  A couple of the screenshots below show what the Northeast looks like when it appears as if the entire region is being microwaved.  And we're told that anthropogenic global warming is just a result of industry and fossil fuels.  What about the effects of zapping the sky with microwaves and raising the temperatures by who knows many degrees?  I bet all those apocalyptic events with birds falling from the sky by the thousands have something to do with these programs.  It truly is situation of total absurdity, complete mad hat science, and we are all living under this sun.  

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Incontrovertible - Documentary Expounds Indisputable Truth About 9/11 Fraud

The fact that 9/11 was an inside job is indisputable.  Incontrovertible.  This fact cannot be dismissed or denied - that is, if you have been exposed to the mountain of data that shows an outright coverup that totally discredits the entire official narrative of the event.

The official narrative of 9/11 is an act of complete misdirection, mind control, and it is us, the victims of the event, who are being used by the perpetrators for their ends.  What ends?  We could talk about the Iraq war, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria.  We can talk about the destruction of our economy and culture by the insidious influence of banking practices and monetary warfare.  We can bear witness to the ever-present and growing surveillance apparatus which has no logical end other than total surveillance and control of every aspect of an individuals behavior via predictive programming and economic inductance.  In short, our lives are being engineered by economic warfare and mind control towards a position of absolute vulnerability to the whims of a cold, despotic, indifferent system that spares the few from the chaos and destruction experienced by the majority.

The implications of 9/11 truth are vast and wide-ranging.  Contrary to popular opinion, the event is not just in the past, settled, or irrelevant.  If it is understood that the official narrative is a complete lie, and it has yet to be disclosed by either the compromised and collusive mainstream media or the government, it is imperative to our security and future that we address the gap between the truth and official lie.  What are we, as a society, if we accept this current state of affairs?  What are we as individuals?  Ultimately, we are without discernment over our own lives, which is a dangerous place to be.  If we are incapable of having, as a nation, addressing this issue, only negative consequence follow.

As a result of this realization, I have been a vocal advocate for 9/11 truth for years, at the costs of alienation, isolation, and several damaged relationships.  I am at a point where the negative views of the uninformed or intolerant make no difference to my position.  I perhaps cannot change that a certain number of people in my life steadfastly refuse to awaken to the truth about 9/11.  It has been their choice to constantly attack me over it and that's their issue.  I know the costs of this struggle and the consequences of inaction are worse than the personal toll I have taken over the issue.  I am moving towards a point where the truth will be demanded by the majority and the majority will prevail.  It's that simple and it is just a matter of time.

I don't know where all this personally leads to, but I would rather count myself as one of the informed people struggling to illuminate this issue than to be one of those who blindly accept the lies of our society and our culture.  We stand no chance against this encroaching system of tyranny without an informed populace.  It is our minds that have been stolen and we are being used, against our will and without our knowledge.  I refuse to consent to this status quo and refuse to stand down.

For the uninformed and those who actively deny the truth about 9/11, spend a small portion of your distracted existence soaking up the facts presented in this recent documentary, Incontrovertible.  The film gently begins with coverage of the WTC Building 7 collapse.  For the uninformed, both CNN and the BBC broadcasted news of its collapse before it actually happened and the building was clearly still standing in the background of the broadcast segments.  For those attempting to explain this away, I have an explanation for you.  They were reading a pre-prepared script.  Don't waste your energy doing mental gymnastics attempting to explain it away otherwise, it's a waste of your time.

Fraus omnia vitiate.  Fraud vitiates everything.  The evidence of monumental fraud on 9/11 is indisputable.  Wake up.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Whistleblower Blows Lid on Surveillance Technologies

Last week, writing for The Intercept, Jeremy Scahill and Margot Williams exposed the surveillance state for what it is:  an unconstitutional, extra-legal apparatus designed to manifest total awareness through covert monitoring of targets' cellular device activity and geolocation.  A whistleblower provided the journalists with documents showing an extensive array of technologies utilized by federal and local authorities for intercepting electromagnetic data.

Of special interest to me are the DRT boxes as they are called, digital receivers capable of mimicking cell towers that capture thousands of targets' data.  They are called cell-site simulators and there's been a flurry of attention and activity over the issue this past year.  Background on the DRT boxes and the issues they present can be found here and here.  Interestingly, in March 2015 a New York State Supreme Court ruling by Erie County Judge Patrick NeMoyer found the FBI and the Erie County Sheriff's Office at fault for failing the disclose material information about the use of the cell-site simulator technology under a Freedom of Information Act suit.  That ruling can be read here.  Apparently, the decision has been appealed and the NY ACLU is still waiting for the documents to be disclosed.

While it may seem blasé to remark about the fact that we live in some overarching surveillance state, the balance of our right to privacy to completely tipped in favor of the procurers of these invasive technologies.  It fundamentally strips you of any right to privacy when these devices are used.  Locally, the FBI routinely flies planes with these technologies.  The Department of Homeland Security also operates surveillance planes and helicopters locally, both doubtless outfitted with similar technologies.  Most importantly, it's the fact that almost nobody knows about these issues, much less cares.  It's the apathy that surrounds us that is most astonishing.  Perhaps it's the level of powerlessness people feel.  People rarely look up to notice anything - the sky, the surveillance, the weird weather.  There's the overriding contention that everything is normal, everything has always been this way, but this couldn't be further from the truth.  We live in strange times.  

The level of discourse and understanding of almost anything is so low it's nearly impossible to talk about a subject like this in polite company.  Why?  Because people see no value is discussing subjects like this.  There's such an immediate wall built up surrounding any discourse that requires critical thought, action, or facing uncomfortable facts.  We live in a society that has engineered itself to find no value in facing reality.  Maybe because it's so fucking twisted at this point, I don't know.  Regardless, when I look around and assess the level of awareness people have about what's happening around them, sometimes I feel like I'm swimming in a sea of jellyfish.  They just want to go with the flow, blend in and stick with the herd.  Well, not me.  I won't be led to slaughter all because there's been some weird expectation placed on me that truth has no value and nothing is important.  I prefer to live a life defined by a pursuit of truth rather than cowardice.  

FBI Surveillance Plane

DHS Surveillance Plane, N839SA

DHS Surveillance Plane Circling over Lackawanna ISIS man's house, July 2015.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Silver Orb UFO Floats Near Massive Chemtrail

In what will be a series of posts dedicated to detailing a number of experiences with what can only be described as "UFO's", this is the second event I have photographic documentation of that is both inexplicable and perplexing.  Altogether, before these photos were taken, I had witnessed three things that would fall into the category of UFO's.  The first was a black, oddly shaped craft swiftly crossing the sky detailed in a previous post.  At around the same point in time, perhaps that same day, I witnessed a slow pulsating, extremely bright light high in the sky during the day.  I was identifying a plane through binoculars when far above the plane a light came into view, growing in intensity and then dissipating, in equal intervals of about three seconds.  The light was extremely bright and round.  It appeared about five times and then I couldn't see it anymore.  This was the first time I really started to question what the hell I was seeing, and I was a UFO skeptic so the whole idea of seeing them wasn't even on my radar, so to speak.  Later that day, I saw with my naked eye another bright silver light appear and make a quick L-shaped zip high in the sky and then disappear.  These were the first three things that made me realize there was a lot going on above our heads.

The following pictures document an event from July 15, 2015.  In a previous post, you can find many pictures from that day that show an intense chemtrail campaign, culminating in perhaps one of the most bizarre occurrences I've seen in the sky, a chemtrail mass stretching straight across the entire sky above the city of Buffalo.  This mass was an accumulation of particulates already in the sky, not one trail sprayed by a plane.  It was as if this thing appeared because it was activated somehow, or perhaps it just materialized due to temperature conditions, but nonetheless it was incredibly bizarre.

Upon analysis of the photos in recent months, I have discovered silver orbs floating near the trail that I did not see with my naked eye at the time because not only was I not looking for them, but I was also completely astounded by the appearance of this trail stretching from one side of the sky to the other.

Without further ado, here the photos.  All photos taken at 18:03 and 18:05 EST from the Erie Basin Observatory in Buffalo, NY.  The first photo is looking almost directly west, the second directly overhead, and the third directly east.  Also included are some zoomed in screen shots of the original photos.  The photos looking almost directly into sun show a number of what could be orbs, or some sort of lens flare (which appears in pictures with sun).  Given the orbs appearing in the other photos, it's hard to say.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Black UFO Floats Over Buffalo, NY, July 11, 2015

I've been sitting on these photos for a while for various reasons.  As soon as I started documenting the geoengineering activities laying waste to the skies, anomalous objects started appearing that I had trouble comprehending.  Pulsating lights, silver orbs floating in sky, appearing and disappearing, and this object, which I still cannot identify.  A friend of a friend also saw the same thing about a mile away from my location.  Drone?  I don't know.  Never seen a shapeshifting drone before.  The object was completely silent unlike a noisy drone.  It was pitch black and moved swiftly, horizontally.  I was taking pictures of the sky when the object emerged into view from behind a tree.  All photos taken at 20:25 EST from Elmwood and Lafayette Avenue with zoomed in screen shots following original photos.  Notice the change in shape of object from first appearance to later photos.  More photo and video documentation of other sightings is forthcoming.